EP 81: #askgaryvee Book Review and more….

EP 81: #askgaryvee Book Review and more….

If you haven’t heard of Gary Vaynerchuk you need to get him into your life ASAP! He has changed my outlook on alot of media and marketing. Having grown one of his companies for 3 to 60 million dollars and his media company now turning over 100million a year it is fair to say he might know a thing or two. Check out todays show for what I learnt from his latest book!


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    hey their im new but my career adviser at our school told me to come here so here i am leaving a reply and what i wana do when i grow up…is different but in my own way i mean its in the gaming industry but making gaming videos and vlogging and making a gaming team with my friends
    and just wow haha its different “Kosdff vlogs” him and his friends is my goal in the fututre!!!
    thats the life for me and i am DEAD SET on making my way there
    i dont know why im leaving a comment but i guess your here to help me maybe you could help me i dont think you could but if you did…youd be setting someone up for life

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