The Authority Handbook: Chapter 1 A Sneak Peak

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The Authority Handbook: Sneak Peak Chapter 1 Audio

How do people become well known in their industry?

How do you go from Unknown to an Authority?

Why is is that the worlds top brands use celebrities and top sports stars to promote their products? It is because we know them, like them and trust them. We rate the brand higher because it is endorsed by someone we are familiar with and is famous.

The same thing is true when you associate yourself with influencers in your industry.

It is time to pull back the curtain and show the you proven step by step process to connect with the world’s most powerful players in your industry.

Learn how to do this not in a space of years or even months but weeks. Turn the expertise you already have and leverage it so you are the Go-To Authority in your space and watch the opportunities roll in.

This book highlights the exact steps I have used to go from a 9-5 physiotherapist to an online marketer, international speaker and sought after thought leader. I managed to do this with no budget, no prior connections in the industry and in the space of 6 months. I have now fine tuned the systems to accelerate your progression. The result….. The Authority Handbook

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EP 82: How to Sell and Feel Comfortable with Gavin Cornelius

How to sell with Gavin Cornelius

Part 2/2

Check out today’s episode. If you have to sell in your business, job or anything else then you need to listen to this. Gavin shares the secrets to selling (it’s not what we all traditionally think. The tips if implemented will make you a lot of money and allow you to get more comfortable sell.

Gavin has a life’s mission to set millions of people free from the 9-5, so they can live the digital dream. Sounds pretty good to me. Check out the episode to find out why he is the man to do it!

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EP 81: #askgaryvee Book Review and more….

#askgaryvee book review

If you haven’t heard of Gary Vaynerchuk you need to get him into your life ASAP! He has changed my outlook on alot of media and marketing. Having grown one of his companies for 3 to 60 million dollars and his media company now turning over 100million a year it is fair to say he might know a thing or two. Check out todays show for what I learnt from his latest book!

Ep 80: Gavin Cornelius On Mindset, Life and SELLING!

How to Sell and Feel Comfortable about it

Co-founder of The Young Entrepreneurs Society international, co-founder of stealth selling mastermind, affiliate marketer, world traveler (travelled to 25 countries) nlp master practitioner, 9-5 escape artists. Basically just a guy who loves to avoid conformity to live life on his own terms.

Gavin has a life’s mission to set millions of people free from the 9-5, so they can live the digital dream. Sounds pretty good to me. Check out the episode to find out why he is the man to do it!


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EP 79: IQ vs EQ How To Improve Your Business

iq vs eq

We all know that one person who is super book smart then an idiot when it comes to street smarts (tag them below if you know oh god I feel like I am about to get tagged 20 times).

I have always been interested as to why this is? If it is able to be improved and if so how much? Then it got me thinking how does this change our success or limit us in business?

I heard the other day about IQ vs EQ and it hooked me so much I had to find out more. Join me today as I delve into it, what it means for your business or job, staff hiring and success.

Also don’t forget to take action on the plug I gave an awesome company called Thankyou and the crowdfunding campaign I don’t know them personally but love what they stand for.

EP 78: The Future Of Business w/ Kyron Gosse


I caught up with a past guest and good friend of mine Kyron Gosse who some of you might remember from episode 24 (Check it out). Kyron was a chef on the oil rigs who is now a full time location independent property investor. He has just been to the most forward thinking event in the world for business call Abundence 360 where he was surrounded by multimillionaires and billionaires. We caught up to chat about what he learnt from the conference, how he is investing around the world while living in Amsterdam and his plans to travel to 12 different countries with 75 other entrepreneurs over the next 12 months.

Check out Kyron’s proven steps on how he has been able to do what he does at

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