EP 76: Regan Hillyer on Lifestyle Design and Branding



Regan went from ticking off all of societies boxes. Good grades, accepted into an Architecture Degree and set for a life in the industry. All of that changed when one day a lecturer said to the class ‘ Welcome future architects to the rest of your life’. Regan felt sick to her stomach and this started a journey in self-discovery, business growth and now a life style by design.

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EP75: Tools to Create Your Sales Machine

Sales Funnel

Creating the right funnel is crucial for growing your business. In Ep73 we talked about the Know-Like-Trust model and today I will share some insights into tools that can help you create this funnel and grow your business. Make sure to check out the page where there are links to the sites many of them with free trials for you to get a feel for them and to see if they fit!

Make sure to search ‘ Youngpreneurs Mastermind’ on facebook to ask more questions and join in the community.

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EP 74: From Sharing a Ride to Shark Tank

Team copy

Meet Ollie Du Rieu is a 23 year old founder of Australian carpooling start up La Mule hosting rides all around the country, part of the incubator at the York Butter Factory in Melbourne, he has pitched/presented on numerous occasions throughout 2015 including Shark Tank season 1 Australia, he is passionate about the environment and doing practical things that better the way of life.

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EP 73: SALES: Know-Like-Trust


Sales is something many people aren’t comfortable with but it is a necessity of business. It is time to stop being afraid of the word. Everyone is a salesperson in some way or another. In this 2 part session I go over how to get the right people to buy off you, how to get more raving fans and also how to break it down into simple steps. Check out the big takeaway on why you shouldn’t propose on your first date!

EP 72: Zach Obront Co-Founder of Bookinabox


Zach Obront is Co-founder of Book in a Box a service that provides busy entrepreneurs and business owners create a story to the world. This is more than just helping you get an amazon best seller. Zach and his business partner Tucker Max have gotten people on the Wall Street Journal Best Sellers list. They have created 150+ stories for people from all walks of life. In this episode delve into the development of the business and how to grow and scale it to the point they are now creating, releasing and marketing on average 3 new books to market each week.

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EP 71: Improving Your Online Presence


Have you ever wondered how some people are everywhere online? Wondering how they do it? Here are some secret hacks to be able to produce more content in one go and share it to multiple platforms easily. This will save you huge amounts of time to let you do more of what you love doing!

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