EP 70: Logan Elliot the Digital Nomad


From a science degree to a digital nomad running his business from wherever he wants. Logan Elliot has created his lifestyle by design. Running a event entertainment business, lecturing at a university to entrepreneurs and now training the next generation  of business owners all from the comfort of his own laptop. If this sounds appealing check out this episode to fast track your way to living life on your own terms!

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EP 69: How to Become an Authority ASAP


Are you the best kept secret?

Time to step out and step up. Just because you are good at something does not mean people are going to come flooding in to do business with you. You have to step out of your comfort zone and play on a bigger scale.

Check out these tips on how I went and you can go from amatuer to authority ASAP

EP 68: Tom Potter Founder Of Eagle Boys Pizza

Eagle boys

Tom Potter changed the game for Pizza in Australia and New Zealand. He shares his story of going from a single store to competing with the big international pizza players. He talks innovation, growth, how to franchise and the challenges he faced over the years. This is a must listen for anyone looking to start or grow their business as their is value galore.

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EP 67: I don’t have enough time…


The age old complaint that I am well and truly sick of ‘I don’t have enough time’ I call bullshit its more like you don’t have your goals aligned with what you are willing to work hard towards. Listen in on how I dispel the myth and the actionable 24 hour tip to make a lasting change!

EP 66: Paul Ames on finding the right career

Paul Ames skyes the limit

I know many of you out there are looking for something else…. you just don’t know what that is yet. Is it a new job, promotion or starting a new venture. Paul was in the same situation he was unsure on his next step… now he has found it and is helping others find what gets them excited for a better life. Check out this episode for some inspiration, motivation and clarity if you are looking to make some shifts in 2016!


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EP 65: The 80/20 Rule


As many of you know I am a fan boy of Tim Ferriss. He introduced me to Pareto’s Law aka the 80/20 rule. For those of you who have already failed your new years resolutions or are looking to be more efficient in different aspects of your life, then check out this episode and see how applying the 80/20 rule can help!