From Skatebowls to Unlimited IT Ep 125 with Lucas Meadowcroft

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Lucas is at the forefront of the fastest moving technology industry trend, Offshoring and Cloud Services. A calculated risk-taker with deep tech industry knowledge, Lucas has a reputation for developing business strategies, incubating new business models and implementing new and innovative ideas. One of his specialties is being able to help businesses grow from single site locations to multiple, national and international offices while maintaining the “work” environment without actually needing offices in all locations. He calls this the “remote working lifestyle”.

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From Gym Owner to Confidence Creator EP 124 with Vicki Lanini

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Vicki started her first business at 7 years old. She has always been highly driven and a creative thinker. After many business venture she is Co-owner of The Confidence Classroom with her fiancé Nathan Wilburn and Director of Vic Fit Factory, a gym located in Melbournes Eastern Suburbs. There is so much more to this story and the impact they are now creating so make sure you check it out now!

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Don’t Panic Management Founder Jess Ostroff Ep 123

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Jess Ostroff is the CEO and Director of Calm at Don’t Panic Management, a new virtual executive and marketing assistant agency designed to help badass entrepreneurs, managers, and executives get work done so they can focus on big ideas. Since 2011, Don’t Panic has helped hundreds of clients and provided freelance jobs for dozens of U.S.-based virtual talent. When she’s not on the internet, you can find her testing new recipes, enjoying live music, running, and wandering around the world.

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The Ultimate Growth Hacker Ep 122 with David Arnoux

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David has been hustling online for the past 10 years. He’s become really good at driving people to websites, making sure they sign up and start paying. In the process, he’s used a gazillion tools and processes to track performance and build growth teams. He’s also trained 500+ people and companies on technical marketing and building growth models.

He’s now Head of Growth and Co-founder of Growth Tribe – Europe’s 1st Growth Hacking Academy (Amsterdam) that offers full-time and part-time courses and in-house corporate workshops to anyone who wants to experience staggering GROWTH.

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Meet Self Made Millionare Sunniva Holt Ep 121

EP121 Header

Sunniva is a serial entrepreneur and multi-millionaire, she made most of her money through the property market, which has been a passion of hers since she was 19 and bought her first house. She’s also a coach, speaker, professional network marketer, social media queen, and a mum. Check it out today and see how she juggles all the different balls at once!

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How to Get 365 Million+ Views on YouTube Ep 120 with Gabe Michael

EP120 Header

Gabe Michael is Co-Founder, Executive Producer and Creative Director at Forge Apollo, where he specializes in creating video content, digital series, commercials, original films and branded content.

Prior to Forge Apollo, Gabe was a producer at Break Media, the #1 digital media company for male-targeted content creation and distribution, and a producer for leading YouTube multi-channel network Maker Studios, where he oversaw the popular Epic Rap Battles vertical.

Praised by New Media Rockstars as having been “involved with just about every established YouTube happening on Earth lately,” Gabe’s videos have amassed over 356 million views and counting. We all know the power of video, check out how to harness it!

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