Expelled From School to Excelling in Property Ep118 with Matt Aitchison

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From being expelled his senior year of High School to facing felony charges in college, Matt decided his past did not have to equal his future. After graduating from UC Santa Barbara, he has founded and participated in many business ventures within the real estate and construction industries. He is passionate about building wealth through real estate and teaches often on various wealth-building strategies that empower others to take control of their financial future through real estate, budgeting, and financial fitness. This is not an episode to miss!

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Dapp App – Changing How We Socialize with Ryan Morabito Ep 116

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Ryan Morabito is the CEO of Dapp, a mobile app startup that is making it easy for you to connect with people and have fun. The idea for Dapp started when Ryan moved to NYC with one of his good friends. They found it hard to find people in their neighborhood who wanted to hang out on their schedule and share the same interest. And so, Dapp was born! Find out why they believe this could be a massive game changer app.

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Hello Adventure – The Travel Solution for Busy Entrepreneurs with Sarah Moe Ep 114

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Sarah Moe followed the path many of us do: university, some travel, settle into a job for what we think is the next 40 years of our lives. The problem was, she got sick. She caught a career-ending bug – the travel bug. This led her to throw in her job and start working for herself. But she still didn’t get the freedom she was seeking. Tune in today to find out how she has managed to combine both of them to really live life on her own terms.

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Decreasing the Noise to Get More Done Ep 113 with Victor Ahipene

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With all the distractions like facebook, youtube, instagram, or even anything in our surroundings, etc., we tend to end up procrastinating, delaying all the work we could’ve done. I am no exception to this experience. Find out what I do to completely eliminate these distractions and unwanted noises during work and enable myself to do more! This is one must-listen-to episode for you!