Ep 102: Changing the Perception of the Homeless – Sandwich for a Story

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Sam Sawchuk is currently the co-founder of Sandwich for a Story, a global awareness initiative that looks to break down stigma between those suffering from homelessness and the rest of society. Sandwich for a Story has impacted thousands of people across the globe by using storytelling as a medium to changes people’s perceptions towards those without a home. If you enjoyed Daniel Flynn’s story from episode 100, you will love this. [Read more…]

EP 101: Behind The Scenes of A Sales Funnel

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Creating a sales funnel is easy when you know what to do. Check out episode 98 for more context. Today I am taking you through what one of my funnels looks like I will expose what the pro’s are doing to you every day to get you to purchase, show you the tips to do it yourself, and give you some homework to get started ASAP.

Ep 100: Thankyou with Daniel Flynn

Daniel Flynn Thankyou

Daniel Flynn from Thankyou !

100 Episodes!

WOW what a journey and it wouldn’t have happened without your support.

So I want to say Thank you and what better way than by getting the founder of Thankyou on the show.

At the age of 19, struck by global poverty and excess consumer spending, Daniel Flynn and a group of friends founded Thankyou Water (now Thankyou) – a social enterprise that exists to empower Australians to change the world through simple everyday purchases. Through Thankyou’s range of over 34 consumer products across the water, body care and food ranges, Thankyou funds safe water access, hygiene and sanitation programs and food aid respectively. Under Daniel’s leadership, the social enterprise has given over $3.7 million to projects spanning 16 countries. As at February 2016, Thankyou has funded safe water access for 170,177 people, hygiene and sanitation programs for 231,582 people and 19.1 million days’ of immediate food aid on top of their long-term food solutions to people in need. Find out what is next for Thankyou and how they manage to make it work!

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Ep 99: The Backstory of Daniel Flynn and Thankyou

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Daniel is the co-founder of Thankyou, a company he started at 19. And sure 19 is impressive but as you know we have had many youngpreneurs on the show who have started businesses at an incredibly young age.  The amazing thing is Daniel started his business with no aim of lining his own pocket. To be honest he didn’t even plan on giving himself any money.  Today’s is just a short episode to give you some background on our guest for episode 100 Daniel Flynn. Why? Like any guests there is such a limited time to chat but as you will see there is so much that we could talk about.  Check this episode out and get excited for when episode 100 is out in the next few days!

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Ep 98: What I Learned That Changed How 80 Businesses Run

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I have an addiction; to personal development and learning – this can be at times terrible as you get served up a dude of an event and feel like you wasted your money. Check out today’s episode where I share what I learnt that helped my businesses and 80 other entrepreneurs in the room as well.  If you are an entrepreneur or thinking of starting your own business, you want to hear this!

Ep 97: The 19-Year Old Trainer Who Tripled Her Business in 3 Weeks

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Celeste is a personal trainer with a goal is to help others be healthier, more fit, and happier in their skin. In the last year she has grown from studying for her qualifications to training people in a gym to the beginnings or an online empire! With a mission is to give people the knowledge, tools, and steps to not only achieve results but to continue achieving results even after their program is over I think she is well on track. Check out today’s episode to find out how she has done it!

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