Ep 92: 3 Ways to Free Up More Time In Your Business

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We all try to be the jack of all trades when starting a business. Is this the best way for our business to have the biggest impact. At times we have to do things we don’t enjoy but this doesn’t have to be the case all of the time. Work towards your strengths. Here is the shoe string businesses way of getting more done in the time we have and doing more of what you love. Check it out now!

Ep 91: Serial Startup Entrepreneur Valen Vergara

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Valen is the true meaning of an entrepreneur. He has created multiple businesses, involved in numerous startups, a best-selling author, investor, internet marketer, public speaker and mentor. Success leaves clues and Valen will be the first to admit he is no different to you or I. Learn what has allowed him to have so much success and the tips that you can do to! [Read more…]

Ep 89: Omer Hazer Supporting the Next Generation of Startups

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Meet Omer, he has lived all around the world while growing up due to his dad’s work At the age of 13 he lived with a homestay family for 5 years in beautiful New Zealand. During this time I ran multiple businesses of my own with some success (some not so much).Today we talk about Omer’s latest venture Influencer HQ and how it is helping the next generating of startups. We talk about the business/life balance of studying a Bachelor’s of Engineering and how that decision came about. There is a lot of value in this one looking to get more exposure for their business or learn the secrets to startups. [Read more…]

Ep 88: Do you need a mentor or coach?

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The fastest way to get from where you are to where you want to be is find a person who is there and learn and model from them. It’s important however to make sure they are actually there!  Finding that person can often be difficult and sometimes costly. Check out this episode on ways to increase your knowledge cheaply and how to find the right fit for future mentors.

Ep 87: Paul James Carey on Selling on Ebay and Amazon

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Paul Carey started earning money online at 14 years old. He is now 24 and over the last decade Paul has been on an eye opening journey of multiple ways that an income can be created harnessing the power of the internet. Paul has found success with selling physical products on Amazon and eBay as well as his own websites, Affiliate Marketing, Dropshipping and much more including creating websites for others who have seen the success he has had with his own sites.

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