Ep 96: The 3 Steps to Better Public Speaking

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With my upcoming 1 day public speaking blueprint live event coming up in Brisbane, I thought it would be a perfect time to talk about the 3 best ways to learn to speak with confidence. Check out this episode if public speaking has been an issue for you or you are want to up your game. To find out more about the upcoming event check out here.

Ep 95: Eric Termuende on TEDx, Gen X/Y/Z and Business Culture

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Eric Termuende is a Co-Founder and Director of Gen Y Inc., a culture group focused on the future of work. In 2015, Eric was recognized as a Top 100 Emerging Innovators under 35 globally by American Express and also sits as Community Integration Chair for Global Shapers Calgary, a community that functions under the World Economic Forum. Eric is a Canadian G20 YEA Delegation, and will be traveling to Beijing in 2016 to represent Canada. Just a couple months ago, Eric spoke at TEDx BCIT and is a former University of Calgary SU Vice President and Class Ambassador (2014).

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Ep 94: Mastering Your Emotions

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Everything we experience in life effects people differently. It is therefore our decision in life on how we respond to different situations in life. If you lost $5,000 today how would you respond vs if a billionaire lost $5000?

How you respond can drastically change the life you live! Check out today’s episode on some of the things I learnt from Tony Robbins on mastering your emotion and changing your state!

Ep 93: Jared Hopping from iSport Genius

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Meet co-founder and partner at iSport Genius Jared Hopping. Jared is a young, motivated and determined entrepreneur that built his business to more than 30 team members in 5 countries in just a couple of years. He truly believes that positivity trumps everything. Loves seeing new ideas come to fruition and challenging the status quo. Acknowledges failure is a blessing in disguise and aims to inspire those around him to do what they love. HIs motto: follow your passion because that’s always going to be imprinted on your heart. You need to check this episode out.

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Ep 92: 3 Ways to Free Up More Time In Your Business

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We all try to be the jack of all trades when starting a business. Is this the best way for our business to have the biggest impact. At times we have to do things we don’t enjoy but this doesn’t have to be the case all of the time. Work towards your strengths. Here is the shoe string businesses way of getting more done in the time we have and doing more of what you love. Check it out now!

Ep 91: Serial Startup Entrepreneur Valen Vergara

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Valen is the true meaning of an entrepreneur. He has created multiple businesses, involved in numerous startups, a best-selling author, investor, internet marketer, public speaker and mentor. Success leaves clues and Valen will be the first to admit he is no different to you or I. Learn what has allowed him to have so much success and the tips that you can do to! [Read more…]