Ep 84: Do You Really Have to Follow Your Passion?

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We constantly hear about it “Do what you love and you will never have to work a day in your life.” In this episode I delve into what you think your passion is and what it actually might be. We look at how this may change over your journey. Much of this has come from many different people I have followed but this was spurred on after an event I attended listening to Phillip DiBella. Check it out now!

Ep 83: Grant Weherley on Building an Online Business to Travel the World

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Grant had for the last few year been living the life of a digital nomad. After starting Monetize Your Expertise to help experts build, launch and scale online training and courses, and also following his passions about doing his part in the revolution that is happening right now in education. In this episode we talk about digital nomad life, routine, biohacking, tinder hacking and Grants amazing analytical skills. [Read more…]