Money Management for Young Entrepreneurs Ep 166 with Michelle Stonhill

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We all deal with money every day (although it may feel we deal with more cryptocurrency if you judged your Facebook feed) but we don’t always manage it well.

Michelle Stonhill has made it her mission to help Entrepreneurs take control of their money and conqueror their mindset in the process.

This has come from learning to overcome her own personal beliefs. Start the New Year in a better position!

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Niche Tours EP 165 with JF Brou

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Everything JF Brou does is related to empowering 19-24 year olds towards enlightenment by promoting their core organizational values: ENTREPRENEURSHIP // SELF-DEVELOPMENT // LIFE CHANGING TRAVEL EXPERIENCES.

This all comes off the back of his first successful business after finishing university. Check out today’s episode on finding a niche, scaling and thinking bigger!

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Catching Up with Victor Ep 163

EP 163 Header
Where have we been? Some exciting things have been happening. Find out where the show disappeared to and why! Also in this episode, I go over what I have been doing with my businesses, if my goals have been achieved, how my TEDx talk went and the goals for the next few months.
There are some serious learnings that you can take out of this episode for your own journey.
So jump on it and welcome back!

No BS Presentations Ep 162 with Dustin Mathews

EP162 Header

Sought after by the biggest names in business to monetize their message, mission or movement, business builder and marketing expert Dustin Mathews is THE mentor and coach to the stars. Dustin is the co-founder of Speaking Empire– the disruptive company in the leadership and education space, whose chief mission is advancing the human race by empowering leaders to communicate powerfully, unlock their fullest potential and ultimately step into their Greatness.

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Planning to Scale Ep161 with Ashley Cheeks

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Ashley supports business plan development and pitch prep for entrepreneurs in the US and internationally.

After a progressive career as a proposals professional for various companies, Ashley succumbed to the bug of entrepreneurship. She followed the next steps of her own business plan and launched full time as a Business Plan Consultant, a side hustle she’s been loving since 2009.

If you are looking to plan, pitch or profit you are going to want to check this episode out!

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