11 Steps to Hack University

11 Steps to Hack University

So you have decided to take the plunge and sign up for University. Before you do anything else you need to read this. Learn how you can attend no classes, make money, have a social life, play sport and still pass with ease!  Note this doesn’t require you to become a stripper, sell drugs, or prostitute yourself out.

This is how to put 20% of the effort in and get 80% of the results…. oh and leave with a degree at the end of it if you want to!

School’s out…. You have no idea what you want to do but you and your parents have decided university is the ‘smart’ choice.

Let’s run the figures on this so-called ‘smart’ choice.

You tick up $5-50K a year in tuition fee’s depending on where you live. Of course you need somewhere to live so let’s add another $15k per year in living costs. The next four years of your life will cost you somewhere between $80-300k. Not to worry though, after you graduate the next few years should see you earning anywhere between 50-70k a year before tax, that is of course providing you can find a job when you graduate.

Seeing you are there like it or not,  let’s see how we can get amazing results with minimal effort.

Here is the Ultimate guide to not only have no debt but also spend an absolute minimum amount of time at university.

Step 1: Mindset: This is super important you have to change your mindset you have to begin to accept that 90+% of you future jobs are not going to ask for an academic transcript. This doesn’t mean you won’t strive for good marks it means you may change the papers you pick. Your degree is just an entry criteria for an interview for you future job.

Step 2: Paper Selection: We aren’t focusing specifically on the type of business or arts degree you will receive but more the papers you select to get you there for the lowest effort. This will take some time. Investigate what compulsory aspects each paper has regarding labs, tutorials and assignments. This is super important as we want to leverage our time the best we can.

Step 3: The summer before you start you are going to save your money and put a deposit on a car. This will allow you to drive as an UBER or LYFT driver straight away. Holding down a full-time job earning each week will be crucial for the later aspect of this plan.

Step 4: Find accommodation that is cheap and has shared cooking arrangements so you only cook 1-2x a week. Make sure the costs are on par with what students are living in. Just because you are earning doesn’t mean you should live beyond your means.

Steps 5: Uni has started and you have to be there for the first week. This is where you create you plan of attack. When is what due, what to you HAVE to attend and it will also allow you to pick up any course manuals.

Step 6: Go to each course coordinator and arrange with them to move any compulsory labs and tutorials to the same day.

Step 7: Once you know when you have to attend compulsory classes you can now shape around when you will be ride share driving. Your aim is to each week make approximately $800-1000 with $150 of this put aside a week. DO NOT pay down any student loans.

Step 8: Skip all lectures apart from the first one. You will use this to find all important dates on the course and pick up any semester notes. Try and make a friend who you can contact from time to time about any need to know information.

Step 9: On your downtime while you are waiting for passengers, working out at the gym or walking anywhere you are going to listen to the previous day’s lectures. This will usually be 3-4 hours of lectures that you can listen to at 1.5x the speed. The aim here is to get a basic understanding or what your course is about for when you are cramming.

Step 10: With the flexibility of ride sharing you will be able to attend any labs and tutorials, as well as group assignments that have to be completed. Put an earlier deadline on all assignments as people always get it done last-minute. Let’s get rid of them ASAP.

Step 11: Mid-terms and end of semester exams: Here is the tactic. Remember earlier when I said put $150 a week away well you now have around $1500 put away to hire teaching assistants doing their masters who are looking for extra cash. Get into a small group of 3 others from each paper you are doing. Hire a tutor for 1 to 2 hours per day for each paper. Do this for the 10 days leading up to exams. If you do 4 papers this will be 4-8 hours of mentoring each day with people who are already teaching this daily they know what the examiners are looking for. If each charges $30 an hour, split 3 ways would be $10 an hour or $80 for you a day or around $800 over 10 days for intensive tutoring and exam preparation. Remember you already have a mild understanding from listening to the lectures, attending the labs and tutorials. Now it’s time to go into overdrive.




***Bonus Credit***

You have all the steps above down to an art. You are spending minimal hours at university and passing. That keeps your family happy you are at university and passing.

Now it’s time to let them be happy you are going to leave.  You have saved up all that excess income each week and now it’s time to use it.

Step 1: Start listening to audio books on business, investing and mindset while you drive, gym, walk. Once you know what type of investing or business might be right for you then it’s time to join some meetup’s and student entrepreneurial groups.

Step 2: Start investing and managing your money that can be in stocks, property or even better your own startup business. Continue to follow all the steps above. Team up with other students on campus who want experience to get your website, marketing, PR etc done they will love to put you down on their CV and you get cheap or free work done.

Step 3: As you get some things building traction and generating some income then start decreasing your time driving for Uber and increase your time on your business. Get to a point where you are earning some money from your investments and the time at university is no longer justifiable.

Your parents may kick back and say it’s not smart to leave to early. Say to them this ‘if this doesn’t work I can always go back, but WHEN it does work it will be the best decision of my life’

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