5 Things Every New Tony Robbins Graduates Go Through

5 Things Every New Tony Robbins Graduates Go Through

Tony Robbins Unleashed the Power Within, took you on a Date with Destiny, showed he’s not your guru, and you even have the blisters to prove it. These are the 5 things to expect after you go to your first ever Tony Robbins event!

What’s is your favourite?

1) The Post Weekend High Five Hug Combo

So you have just finished the weekend feeling higher than The Wolf of Wall Street and you can’t wait to share the ‘new you’ with the world on Monday.

Tony Robbins UPW Date With Destiny
Where is my high five and hug?

Cue Monday morning, when you walk back into work with both hands held high in the air past your work mates, waiting for a high five and a hug. It is at this point when you are left hanging that you wish you were back with the thousands of other people who now sing to your tune.

 2) Explaining to your Family, Friends and Co-workers you aren’t part of a cult

So now that your ‘life will never be the same’, you can’t wait to share what you have learnt and get them to come to the next event with you. They saw you on Thursday depressed, anxious with addictions you have had for years, and 5 days later you look to them like you have been possessed.

They make the decision that the only likely explanation is that you have been abducted, probed and brainwashed to join the Tony Robbins Cult. They believe it’s probably safer if you go back to your old self with all those self-limiting beliefs, rather than this new, happier and limitless you.

Tony Robbins Cult
Cult? What Cult?

They are further convinced when you tell them you have spent $10,000 on future seminars and events. You beg them to watch I’m Not Your Guru, but they fear your level of happiness and have no time for a cult.

I guess they aren’t too far from the truth, but I personally can’t think of a better cult than Tony Robbins. As the man himself says ‘Some people would do well to have their brains taken out and washed!’.

 3) Your neighbours calling noise control about you every morning

They aren’t quite sure what is going on, but they sure as hell don’t want to know at 5am in the morning. Every morning for the last week all they have heard from your house at 5am is screaming and yelling, blaring music and seeing someone jumping up and down, pumping their hands in the air like the are having a one-person house party!

Morning Ritual tony robbins
Make Your Move!

You know what it is though. It’s that bad ass new morning ritual you have. You are priming, journaling, meditating, being grateful and of course ‘shakin dat ass’ with the music pumped up, and yelling at that person in the mirror telling them that ‘they freakin rock!’


4) Your Poo Turns Green

Not only that, but your energy levels are through the roof! You jumped into the 10-day challenge and have gone from a diet that often consisted of McDonalds, Cigarettes and Alcohol to something that now resembles the colours of a tropical rain forest.

Tony Robbins Alkalising
This doesn’t look processed enough!

You are alkalising, juicing and detoxing like a boss. All this healthy mind and lifestyle actually have some merit to it. So much extra energy to do more of what you love!

5) You have to accept the inevitable….

Life will never be the same. You are playing a different game. You no longer have to limit yourself. You have a tribe of new badass firewalker friends. A new purpose to get you out of bed every day to love yourself, follow your passion and help the world be a better place.

Tony Robbins Firewalker
You Freakin Rock. You badass firewalker

You walked over fire, you found out Tony Robbins wasn’t your Guru, and learnt the tools to get yourself into a peak state to life live on your terms. Most importantly you rediscovered why YOU FREAKIN ROCK!

What was your best or funniest moment after your first Tony Robbins event comment below!

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  1. not tony robbins says

    Wow, what a surprise… a cult member playing up their cult.

    Literally everything tony robbins “teaches” you you can do yourself. Without paying someone. without feeling the need to pay more to go back.

    “Some people would do well to have their brains taken out and washed! so pay me thousands of dollars to teach you how to jump up and down.”

    be your own fucking guru.

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