Ep 30: Coach Connolly talks fitness,business and changing the face of personal training

Ep 30: Coach Connolly talks fitness,business and changing the face of personal training

Meet Sean aka Coach Connolly. Sean is a personal trainer who has traveled the world learning from the top strength and conditioning experts in the world. Team this with sounds business knowledge and Sean has become a trainer of trainers. Teaching both the business skills to attract clients, charge what you are really worth because you have been taught industry leading knowledge. If you work in a service industry of any sort this is packed full of value bombs!

Where did Sean Start

  • He started doing a BA at university where he first got introduced to a gym
  • After losing 45kg himself Sean became a personal trainer
  • He started with and within 10 weeks had 40 to 50 paying clients a week
  • This quickly doubled and he had to get a team to handle the leads
  • He know his own clinic in Perth where he treats top level athletes

Training the Trainers

  • When Sean finished his personal training he realized he didn’t actually know much at all
  • He spent 10’s of thousands of dollars learning
  • Sean obviously had a knack and a passion for changing peoples lives
  • Now he passes this on to the next generation of trainers

“My best flexing muscle is the one between my ears “

What makes a good coach?

  • It isn’t the trainer in the best shape
  • The ones who last are the trainers who understand psychology, human movement and can show their knowledge
  • Don’t be afraid to educate your clients they won’t leave you over it

 Taking his game to the next level

  • He started at $50 until he saw everyone was doing that. So he raised to $75 to stand out
  • Next step triple figures and then a friend said keep raising until they start falling off
  • $170 dollars was the point when people started falling off
  • With clients still there he was still time poor
  • He keep the prices up and made them small groups
  • He found a better way to leverage his time…. 3 hour presentations.

Presentating and training

  • He has it on his cards to present in Australia/NZ/Canada/USA
  • He is also training the trainers with his Level 1,2 and 3 courses showing them how to get the results for their clients, building a better business via his hustle plan
  • This gets them thinking like a business not a trainer
  • This has allowed him to help more people than he ever could of

Favorite Tech

  • I-watch : just for a bit of fun
  • Iphone 6: He uses chrome, gmail and dropbox that gives him everything on the go


  • Book yourself solid
  • Blueocean strategy
  • Jab Jab Jab right hook by Gary Vanderchuck
  • 4 hour work week

Find out more

  • www.coachconnolly.com.au
  • Search Coach Connolly on facebook

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