EP 79: IQ vs EQ How To Improve Your Business

EP 79: IQ vs EQ How To Improve Your Business

We all know that one person who is super book smart then an idiot when it comes to street smarts (tag them below if you know oh god I feel like I am about to get tagged 20 times).

I have always been interested as to why this is? If it is able to be improved and if so how much? Then it got me thinking how does this change our success or limit us in business?

I heard the other day about IQ vs EQ and it hooked me so much I had to find out more. Join me today as I delve into it, what it means for your business or job, staff hiring and success.

Also don’t forget to take action on the plug I gave an awesome company called Thankyou and the crowdfunding campaign www.thankyou.co/chapterone I don’t know them personally but love what they stand for.

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