Ep 80: Gavin Cornelius On Mindset, Life and SELLING!

Ep 80: Gavin Cornelius On Mindset, Life and SELLING!

Co-founder of The Young Entrepreneurs Society international, co-founder of stealth selling mastermind, affiliate marketer, world traveler (travelled to 25 countries) nlp master practitioner, 9-5 escape artists. Basically just a guy who loves to avoid conformity to live life on his own terms.

Gavin has a life’s mission to set millions of people free from the 9-5, so they can live the digital dream. Sounds pretty good to me. Check out the episode to find out why he is the man to do it!


The Why Guy

  • Growing up Gavin always had the mind that asked why. Asking his teaches, parents and friends WHY? He did just accept what he was told, this lead to a fear of university.
  • Gavin did just enough to pass high school but not to get into University
  • The entrepreneurial mindset….. it may have started when smoking pot and trying to smoke for free by selling to his friends. The big turning point was when he was while working construction, drinking and taking drugs. After a fall down a cliff face and nearly dying this was enough to make Gavin look for new opportunities.
  • The first opportunities came after a chance 30 minute work out that lead to a job in the fitness industry and then into network marketing.
  • Network marketing opened his eyes to the chance to do things in the non-traditional. This is where sales began.


If I don’t have a degree I have to work a shitty job for the rest of my life. If I do I have a degree I will work a better job that I hate even more

Network Marketing

  • Gavin has a love/hate relationship
  • People get anyone into their teams, they have no sales skills, lead generation skills and except them to flourish
  • The actual business model is brilliant. If taught properly they can crush it
  • The best things is the personal development, learning how to build teams and surrounding yourself with like minded go getters.

What people actually forget is selling is actually serving

Young Entrepreneurs Society

  • After being sick of crappy networking events Gavin and his business partner decided to create the Young Entrepreneurs Society event.
  • Scotch and Cigars on the rooftop lead to 300 local entrepreneurs. They built up the right contact and right anticipation to make the event a winner.
  • They kept asking the guests what they wanted. This lead to weekend events and masterminds.
  • They have a vision of creating this to a worldwide group with events to help startups create their business in the right way.


  • Think and Grow Rich By Napoleon Hill
  • Outwitting the Devil by Napoleon Hill


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