EP 82: How to Sell and Feel Comfortable with Gavin Cornelius

EP 82: How to Sell and Feel Comfortable with Gavin Cornelius

Part 2/2

Check out today’s episode. If you have to sell in your business, job or anything else then you need to listen to this. Gavin shares the secrets to selling (it’s not what we all traditionally think. The tips if implemented will make you a lot of money and allow you to get more comfortable sell.

Gavin has a life’s mission to set millions of people free from the 9-5, so they can live the digital dream. Sounds pretty good to me. Check out the episode to find out why he is the man to do it!

Pictures in Your Head

  • What picture do you have in your head when you think of sales? Is it a used car salesman? If it is you aren’t going to do well.
  • Change your mindset to the images of happiness that someone gets when you solve a problem for them

Biggest Mistakes

  • People not being passionate about their product. If you are 100% behind the product then you are ethically obliged to try and sell to that person if it is going
  • Language, wording and tonality are the most important thing unless there is no purpose behind it

SPIN Selling Technique

  • Selling is not about talking its about asking th right questions
  • S- Situation: What brings them to you today?
  • P- Problem: What problem do they have
  • I- Implications: What are the implications of this problem to them
  • N- Need: How does what you have solve that need


  • Doctors follow the SPIN selling technique everyday. The ask you questions about your current situation then more questions to find out what your problem is.
  • They take them through the process of the implications and here is the need to take the prescribed product they need.


  • It is not a bad thing. People generally have 1-2 objections that cause them to reject your offer. If you can turn the 1-2 objections around to show them the value of everything else.
  • Providing it will help the person you are obligated to help them see the value.

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