Creating the Right Business Systems Ep 141 with Chandler Walker

Creating the Right Business Systems Ep 141 with Chandler Walker

Chandler Walker started with nothing, went to college to pursue what he thought was the standard American dream and quickly found out that the dream left him wanting more.  Instead he became an entrepreneur and opened his first fitness business that branched into many other fitness businesses.  Now he helps others grow their businesses to be successful by creating world class systems.

The Beginnings

  • Chanlder grew up exposed to entrepreneurship thanks to his father who was a contractor.
  • After high school, Chanlder went to college to study biology and biochemistry.
  • Six years into his new business, other business owners, while witnessing his success, were giving questions about how his branding systems and processes work. Chanlder then decided to create a platform focused on answering these questions and providing helpful content to listeners.


  • #ChansLogic is a project dedicated to helping answer the many questions he get daily about running and starting a business for an entrepreneur and how to use social media effectively to create a brand that truly captivates your audience.

Get In Touch

Show Notes Timestamps

[02:47]     Victor welcomes and introduces Chandler.

[03:23]     Chanlder growing up.

[05:36]     After high school.

[07:12]     How  his fitness business different.

[08:24]     Chandlers’s biggest challenge on starting and scaling up.

[10:33]     His plans on his fitness business.

You have to make your team feel like they have a piece of ownership in the business.

[12:34]     Chanlder’s opinion on systems.

Without systems, you can’t scale beyond you.

[15:28]     Tips on getting started.

[16:54]     His user acquisition technique.

If we focus too much on perfection, we lose that human connection.

[21:20]     How Chandler’s day looks like.

[22:69]     Books and/or resources he’d recommend.

[25:56]     Chanlder in two years’ time.

[26:53]     Getting in touch.

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