One Minute Economics Ep 142 with Andrei Polgar

One Minute Economics Ep 142 with Andrei Polgar

Andrei is a serial entrepreneur, exotic asset investor and economist. He has been involved quite a few industries and have launched development businesses, hosting businesses, a domain and brokerage service, an auction platform, a small escrow service to name a few.Today’s episode is awesome where we not only get to delve into the mind of someone who has started multiple income generating businesses but also able to pluck the insights of something not often talked about and generally poorly spoken about….ECONOMICS!  Don’t be scared jump in you won’t regret it.

The Beginnings

  • Andrei was born on the year where Romania converted from dictatorship to democracy. He grew up with the idea, brought about by his parents and grandparents; that doing things on your own and being your own boss were uncommon.
  • Although a school system existed, it didn’t work well enough. So Andrei decided to do things in his own way.
  • Andrei decided to venture into the online world by doing articles and domain investing.

One Minute Economics

  • Through Andrei’s One Minute Economics channel, he teaches people economics in an easy-to-understand manner.
  • Instead of define terms, he explains and I try to do it in a way that ensures you won’t forget what you’ve just learned after a week or a month. A teaching style proven to be worth listening to.

Get In Touch

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Show Notes Timestamps

[00:35]     Victor welcomes and introduces Andrei.

[01:13]     Andrei growing up.

[01:55]     The educational system he was exposed to.

[02:52]     Breaking the old mentality.

[04:19]     Andrei’s first step on entrepreneurship.

I don’t think the status quo is gonna work out for me.

I’m gonna do my own thing because I like to and because what I’m seeing is not a good solution.

[06:55]     His online venture – article writing and hosting.

Racing people to the bottom is not the best idea in the world.

[12:12]     What keeps him busy.

[14:23]     About domain investing.

To keep myself hungry, I do what I like.

[17:13]     One Minute Economics.

Economics is all around us.

A lot of these fragility stems from ignorance.

[26:31]     What Andrei’s day looks like.

[27:32]     Resources and books he’d recommend.

The Intelligent Investor by Benjamin Graham

Choose Yourself: Be Happy, Make Millions, Live the Dream by James Altucher

[30:17]     Andrei in two years’ time.

[31:54]     Getting in touch.

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