From Boot Camps to Business Coach Ep 143 with Ellie Burscough

From Boot Camps to Business Coach Ep 143 with Ellie Burscough

Ellie Burscough helps trainers and coaches to grow their business very quickly whilst overcoming beliefs that are holding them back from continuing to grow.

This has been from learning in the trenches herself and transitioning from a call center operator to running a 6 figure boot camp to now helping others do the same.  Make sure to check out this episode as Ellie dives into some amazing strategies that could well help you.

The Beginnings

  • At age three, Ellie had her mind set to become a teacher in profession. But her life at Uni changed everything when she started partying, not finishing her degree, and working at a call center.
  • Ellie started here first business – Moms boot camps, after she had her first child.
  • She sold her business after two years and started coaching people.

Coaching Career

  • With what she’s been through, Ellie created a credibility for herself to help others improve their lifestyle and career.
  • Ellie helps PT’s and Coaches grow their business whilst creating a lifestyle they love. So they can do what they want, when they want, from wherever they want.

Get In Touch

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Show Notes Timestamps

[02:17]     Victor welcomes and introduces Ellie.

[03:25]     Ellie growing up.

When I was about three I wanted to be a school teacher.

I always got detention for talking too much.

[04:46]     Her life adventure after Uni.

I was partying 3-4 times a week and working 25 hours a week.

[07:24]     Her business transition.

I just wanted to create a life for myself and my family.

[08:43]     How she’s different as a trainer.

There are three types of trainers.

[10:53]     The whole sales process.

[13:46]     Her transition from the coaching sphere.

[16:10]     Ellie’s team.

[17:08]     How people found her business.

Don’t other people up on the pedestal because everyone has bad stuff going on as well as the good stuff.

[21:39]     One of her clients’ stories.

[27:38]     Working with Ellie.

[37:01]     What her day looks like.

[40:52]     Books and resources she’d recommend.

Books by Dan Kennedy and Gary Vaynerchuk

What I Know For Sure by Oprah Winfrey

[42:29]     Getting in touch.

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