Meet the 17-Year Old Dominating Instagram Ep 144 with Josh Ryan

Meet the 17-Year Old Dominating Instagram Ep 144 with Josh Ryan

Meet Josh Ryan 17-year old social media influencer from small town New Zealand, sell online courses, advertising and work with clients to help grow their following online.He has grown a successful business off the back of his instagram page of 300,000+ fans all while still attending school. This is one not to miss.

The Beginnings

  • Growing in a small town, Josh was always drawn towards entrepreneurship.
  • At the age of 9, he had his own vending machine placed outside his mother’s office – a real estate establishment.
  • With his efforts in reaching out to brands, Josh started monetizing his Instagram account and being a successful Online Influencer.

Get In Touch

  • Josh Ryan’s Personal Instagram Account: @thejoshryan
  • Josh Ryan’s Brand’s Instagram Account: @cleverpreneur
  • Josh Ryan’s Facebook Page


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Show Notes Timestamps

[02:31]     Victor welcomes and introduces Josh.

[02:50]     About Josh.

[03:10]     Josh growing up as an entrepreneur.

[05:20]     After high school.

[05:47]     How Josh’ day looks like.

[07:06]     About online influencers.

I didn’t even know they charge money for it.

[11:22]     How he does his marketing.

[13:39]     Josh’ funnel.

A seventeen-year old at school can do it, you can too.

[17:16]     Growing his page.

[21:21]     Josh’ plans with his brand.

[24:44]     The type of person he’d hire.

[25:58]     The people Josh look up to.

[26:44]     Books and resources he’d recommend.

Six Months to Six Figures by Peter Luke

[27:44]     Getting in touch.

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