Houses Sold Easy Ep145 with Mike Slane

Houses Sold Easy Ep145 with Mike Slane

Mike graduated Cum Laude from Missouri State University with BS in Marketing and Econ (MBA) from Maryville University. He now happily applies virtually none of the formal education to daily business life. After reading ‘Rich Dad Poor Dad’ he decided that was the life he wanted.

Once Passive Income from Rental Real Estate paid the Bills Mike decided to quit working full time for someone else and start working for myself. Dove into a Real Estate Career I had no experience and has built a team of 15 in the past 2 years.

The Beginnings

  • Mike grew up in a middle class suburb in Missouri without the entrepreneurial environment.
  • He took a degree and had a job just like any regular person would. Mike worked at an insurance company for years.
  • Mike quit his job after realizing that he wasn’t compensated well enough for his hard work for the company. He then turned to an interest of his – real estate.

House Sold Easy

  • Mike’s primary goal is to make it easy for individuals to sell a house and providing them liquidity in an otherwise unliquid asset.
  • They do everything in their power to make clients feel comfortable and they even walk clients through how they get to their offer price.
  • They use a very simple formula to evaluate the value of homes based on other houses that have sold in the area in the past year.

Get In Touch

[01:55]     Victor welcomes and introduces Mike.

[02:32]     Mike growing up.

[03:43]     His turning point and transition.

There was a ton of worry.

[10:08]     Developing his real estate venture.

[15:48]     More about what Mike does.

[17:19]     His deals.

I had never done a deal when I quit my job.

It wasn’t an overnight success.

It’s all about the mindset.

[25:12]     Mike’s future plans.

We’ve taken a lot from real estate and we’re happy to give back.

[29:50]     How he build his team.

If we’re not having fun and enjoy what we’re doing then we should be doing it.

[35:56]     Mike’s tips on starting up.

Just go out there and do stuff!

[37:36]     Mike’s day.

[38:59]     Books and resources he’d recommend.

Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Richard Kiyosaki

Traction by Gino Wickman

[41:04]     Getting in touch.


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