What is Self-love? Ep 147 with Sarah Madras

What is Self-love? Ep 147 with Sarah Madras

Sarah Madras is a 12-year therapist turned Relationship and Self Love Maven (I didn’t know what that was) for action takers who refuse to settle for surface level unfulfilling relationships. She teaches you how to cultivate deeply connected relationships through the foundation of self-love.

Find out how she began her entrepreneurial journey at the age of 24 and has successfully built a 6-figure counseling center while also strategically balancing the transitions to wife and later full-time stay at home mom to her 2 young children ages 2 and 5. This one goes deep with a ton of actionable stuff so check it out now!

The Beginnings

  • Sarah was grew up in a self-loving and entrepreneurial environment, thanks to her parents. She managed to blend both components as they were modeled for her.
  • After experiencing a relationship that was not good for her well-being, Sarah decided to change the course of her life and regain her self-worth.
  • With all the education and experience, she started her own venture in helping others realize self-love.

Esteem Builders Coaching

  • Sarah helps action-takers around the world to reconnect to their personal power, speak their truth, and own their innate worth so that they can have the fulfilling relationships they desire.

Get In Touch

Show Notes Timestamps

[02:19]     Victor welcomes and introduces Sarah.

[02:59]     Sarah growing up.

[03:49]     Why self-love is viewed as a women-dominated customer-based for men.

Men are more resistant to their feminine energy.

[05:32]     What self-love is and it’s point.

The point of self-love is everything in your life.

We are all worthy, simply because we exist. Our worth is our birth right.

[09:13]     What makes Sarah a coach.

[12:48]     Her education and experience.

A lot of times it’s pride that prevents the growth and the learning.

[17:50]     How Sarah built her business and her marketing.

[26:04]     Her tips on self-love.

Start by know what your strengths and limitations are.

[28:17]     Choosing between keeping and changing.

[33:20]     Sarah’s day.

[37:09]     Books and resources she’d recommend.

Carry On, Warrior: Thoughts on Life Unarmed by Glennon Doyle Melton”

[39:23]     Getting in touch.                    

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