Negotiate like a Boss! Ep 148 with Kwame Christian

Negotiate like a Boss! Ep 148 with Kwame Christian

Wish you were better at negotiation?  I’m forcing you into answering yes!

If you answered YES then you need to meet Kwame Christian is a former business lawyer and the director of the American Negotiation Institute. In this role he provides custom, one-on-one negotiation/persuasion coaching and conducts live training sessions for various organizations.

This episode will give you an insight into the power of improving your negotiation skills to get the edge over your competition and all other aspects of life! DO IT NOW!

The Beginnings

  • Being Caribbean –Anerican, Kwame had a hard time fitting in the community growing up as a Caribbean-American.
  • Through an academic lens, he realized that getting along with people at his early age was the beginning of his journey in the world of negotiation.
  • Growing up, Kwame knew that he had entrepreneurial tendencies, that he would be taking a path different from the ones taken by his mother and father, who were a Professor and a Surgeon.

Kwame’s Endeavors

  • Kwame is a Negotiation Coach & Consultant at the American Negotiation Institute where he provides education and negotiation consulting services for businesses – this includes one on one negotiation/persuasion coaching, hands on negotiation support and engaging negotiation seminars.
  • He also hosts the top negotiation podcast on iTunes, Negotiate Anything. The show has been downloaded over 75,000 times, has listeners in over 140 different countries, and has been featured on the home page of iTunes.

Get In Touch

Show Notes Timestamps

[02:24]     Victor welcomes and introduces Kwame.

[02:59]     Kwame growing up.

I was constantly figuring out how to build rapport with people.

You need to be aware of the societal dynamics that you play.

[06:52]     Pursuing the path of entrepreneurship.

[08:01]     His path to being a negotiation expert.

If you could do something for free, what would it be?

[13:52]     Generating leads.

The best thing that I did was the podcast.

[16:52]     Kwame’s coaching space.

I let my audience show me the path to where the money is.

I can’t someone a recipe book if they are afraid to get in the kitchen.

[18:36]     “Can you be a naturally good negotiator?”

When you negotiate, you listen more than you speak.

[19:30]     Improving one’s negotiating ability.

Prepare systematically.

[21:53]     His opportunities to learn.

[25:18]     Kwame’s journey so far and in the future.

[28:22]     Kwame’s day.

Success is determined by the habits that people should do often but don’t do.

[34:07]     Books and resources he’d recommend.

The One Thing by Gary W. Keller and Jay Papasan

[36:12]     Getting in touch.

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