Free Up More Time Ep 149 with Nathan Hirsch

Free Up More Time Ep 149 with Nathan Hirsch

Want to free up more time in your business to grow and do more of what you love? Check out Nate!

Nate is the CEO of and the COO of Portlight. Nate has been an entrepreneur in the eCommerce industry since 2009 and has grown into a leading expert in the field with experience managing multi-million dollar businesses.

He has extensive knowledge in creating business systems and processes, personnel management, hiring remote workers, the Amazon Marketplace, and advanced sales tactics. He is passionate about sharing his knowledge with others and has been featured on leading industry podcasts, webinars, and blogs.

This was a really fun episode with a lot of great takeaways.

The Beginnings

  • Nathan’s parents were both teachers. When he was in middle school, his parents encouraged him to have a job in retail.
  • The experience made him realize his disinterest in a 9-5 job and his dream of having a lot of free time as an entrepreneur.
  • His first entrepreneurial adventure was drop-shipping through amazon.
  • His unpleasant experiences in hiring made him came up with the idea of

  • After interviewing and hiring hundreds of remote workers with their first eCommerce company, they saw the power of online workers and the impact that they could make on the growth of a business.
  • They started this company because of their passion for online hiring. They’re solving a real problem for millions of workers and online businesses that exist around the world.
  • For their ambitious workers, they’re making their job of finding reliable and long term work easier. For their clients, they are providing them a hands-on, no nonsense remote hiring experience.

Get In Touch

Show Notes Timestamps

[02:14]     Victor welcomes and introduces Nathan.

[02:41]     Nathan growing up.

I could have a 9-5 job or I could become a boss.

It was always like ‘Alright, I’ll try it while I’m young, if it works out, great! If not, I could always go out and get a real job.

[04:59]     His amazon business.

[06:13]     Doing the business while in college.

[06:46]     After his degree.

[08:30]     The power of outsourcing.

[10:16]     How works.

[11:03]     Client-centered marketplace.

[13:06]     Nathan client acquisition.

[14:25]     His tips on transitioning to outsourcing.

[16:05]     Nathan’s team composition.

[16:49]     How his day looks like.

[17:23]     Nathan in two years’ time.

[18:36]     Books and resources he’d recommend.

Delivering Happiness by Tony Hsieh

[19:59]     Getting in touch.

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