Disruptive Advertising Ep153 With Chris Dayley

Disruptive Advertising Ep153 With Chris Dayley

Chris is passionate about helping businesses learn what their users want on their website, through psychology based testing, and analytics. He started his Conversion Optimization agency Dayley Conversion in 2014, which he later merged with Disruptive Advertising, where he currently works as VP of site testing and optimization.

If you want to know how to optimize your marketing make sure to check this episode out.

The Beginnings

  • Chris grew up in Arizona on a non-entrepreneurial environment.
  • Getting a job in digital marketing, he became fascinated with SEO and the digital world.

Disruptive Advertising

  • Disruptive Advertising is built on creating results-based relationships with clients through humble and hungry strategists at the top of their game.
  • Their team maximize profit with pay-per-click campaigns, data analytics and website testing to help their clients win.

Get In Touch

Show Notes Timestamps

[02:01]     Victor welcomes and introduces Chris.

[02:33]     Chris growing up.

[04:49]     His journey towards disruptive media.

[06:55]     Chris’ Search Engine Optimization work.

[09:05]     About SEO.

It’s a data driven approach to designing a website.

[10:55]     The technicalities on how Chris engages in and performs optimization.

[17:13]     Why is optimization needed?

[20:32]     Chris’ tips on website problems and opportunities awareness.

[23:42]     About his business.

You can’t just go find your biggest competitor and copy them.

[26:36]     The tools Chris utilize.

[29:45]     Chris in two years’ time.

[32:58]     Resources he’d recommend.

The 4-Hour Workweek by Timothy Ferriss

[37:31]     Getting in touch.

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