A Startup for Startups Ep 158 with Issac Morehouse

A Startup for Startups Ep 158 with Issac Morehouse

Isaac was tired of the same old classroom approach to learning so he created an apprenticeship program called Praxis. In one year for zero net cost Praxis grads are getting hired at startups and skipping college altogether.

The Beginnings

  • Isaac grew up taking care of his dad and getting homeschooled.
  • His environment and family set up attributed to his independence at a young age.
  • Isaac jumped from one type of work to another trying to figure out what he really wants in life.


  • Praxis helps out people find the right career path.
  • It is composed of a 6-Month Pre-Apprenticeship Bootcamp, a Guaranteed 6-Month Paid Startup Apprenticeship and promises unbeatable post-program results.
  • The full program cost is $11,000 and payment options are available. Participants earn $14,400 during their apprenticeship. That means you’ll make more money during the program than the program costs.

Get In Touch

Show Notes Timestamps

[02:20]     Victor welcomes and introduces Isaac.

[02:56]     Isaac growing up.

I just don’t want to do things that I hate and make me feel dead inside.

[06:46]     The transition towards Praxis.

[12:24]     What Praxis is.

The system can’t keep up fast enough with the changes in this world

The ability to build your own credential instead of buying one from an institution has never before existed in the way that it does.

[17:16]     Praxis’ monetization, client acquisition, and program setup.

[20:37]     The concept of free work and learning, and school.

[28:43]     About the double standards.

[31:05]     Common traits and attitude of individuals that come to the program.

[36:16]     Isaac’s day.

[40:56]     His best and worst attribute.

[42:05]     Books and resources he’d recommend.

The Last Safe Investment by Bryan Franklin and Michael Ellsberg.

[43:37]     Praxis and Isaac in two years’ time.

[44:51]     Getting in touch.

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