Evolve and Succeed Ep 159 Halley Gray

Evolve and Succeed Ep 159 Halley Gray

Halley Gray is the CEO of Evolve and Succeed, has spent years testing marketing strategies and tactics online so that you can fast-track your freelancing success. She gets designers, VAs, coaches, developers months of clients booked in advance and filling up their waitlists.

The Beginnings

  • Hailey grew up without any entrepreneurial influence in her environment.
  • Her interest in teaching, language and science led her into the marketing space.
  • In her 20s she already knew she wanted to start a business.

Evolve and Succeed

  • Halley is an Evolutionary Marketing Leader. That means that she get to help people sell their product or service, make a ton of money, and have a party doing it.
  • Evolutionary Marketing is a power I will teach you to use — and it’s deadly when you do it right.

Get In Touch

Show Notes Timestamps

[02:21]     Victor welcomes and introduces Halley.

[03:19]     Halley growing up.

[05:13]     The transition to entrepreneurship.

I wanted to start a business but I have no idea what I wanna do.

[06:42]     The 80-20 rule.

I tested stuff and did refining, what got results and what did not.

[07:24]     Getting into the marketing space.

[08:35]     How Halley started to grow her marketing business.

[10:31]     Acquiring more clients.

[11:30]     Maintaining the lifeblood of the business and giving more value.

If you’re really good at what you do and you’re not marketing yourself, that’s not the client’s fault, that’s your fault.

[17:20]     Halley’s target market.

[19:30]     The pattern of problems in her industry.

The biggest problem is that people don’t believe they can be booked out.

[20:42]     Getting in touch with the client’s progress.

My students’ success is my success.

[22:02]     About Halley’s service.

[25:14]     Find your strength and the strength of other people.

[31:24]     Halley’s day.

[32:53]     Her setup of getting live.

[35:26]     Halley in two years’ time.

[37:00]     Books and resources she’d recommend.

The One Minute Manager by Ken Blanchard and Spencer Johnson

[39:04]     Getting in touch.

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