Making Numbers and Growth Simple Ep 160 with Levi Morehouse

Making Numbers and Growth Simple Ep 160 with Levi Morehouse

Levi is the CEO and Founder of Ceterus, a Charleston startup that recently raised $10.2M to transform accounting and reporting for small business niches. Levi launched his first business at age 20 and has pursued his passion for entrepreneurship ever since. He earned his CPA shortly after and founded Ceterus in 2008 to empower small business entrepreneurs with accounting and reporting solutions delivered through the cloud. Today, Ceterus’ solution serves entrepreneurs nationwide and the team continues to grow rapidly.

The Beginnings

  • Levi started to become aware about his dream of being an entrepreneur during his high school days.
  • He finished a degree in Accounting and worked for a company while doing a little business on the side.
  • Despite the satisfactory career he has, Levi felt like there was something missing.
  • With his skillset, he started Citirus to help business with their accounting tasks.


  • Ceterus provides accounting and benchmarked reporting services for small business entrepreneurs.
  • They allow their clients to compare their sales, margins, expenses, and KPIs with peers in their industry.
  • Ceterus offers a software product to so clients could monitor the health of your business from the palm of your hand with mobile-first financial reporting.

Get In Touch

[02:26]     Victor welcomes and introduces Levi.

[03:16]     Levi growing up.

[04:04]     How he started in the entrepreneurial world.

I knew I wanted to build something on my own.

[06:19]     Building Ceterus.

Everyday I would leave the office and just feel like I was missing something.

It’s easier to do a business that I was uniquely talented and passionate about.

[14:11]     The business transition.

17: 07    Levi’s target market.

[19:26]     The growth of his business.

[22:19]     The decisions Levi had to make for scaling.

[25:20]     About his pitches.

Be good, be ready, know your business.

Reading about it is different from doing it.

[30:26]     The business’ financing.

[33:36]     The company in years’ time.

[36:57]     Levi’s day.

[38:13]     His best and worst habit.

[40:01]     Books and resources he’d recommend.

Zero to one by Blake Masters and Peter Thiel

[41:28]     Getting in touch.

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