Planning to Scale Ep161 with Ashley Cheeks

Planning to Scale Ep161 with Ashley Cheeks

Ashley supports business plan development and pitch prep for entrepreneurs in the US and internationally.

After a progressive career as a proposals professional for various companies, Ashley succumbed to the bug of entrepreneurship. She followed the next steps of her own business plan and launched full time as a Business Plan Consultant, a side hustle she’s been loving since 2009.

If you are looking to plan, pitch or profit you are going to want to check this episode out!

The Beginnings

  • During her teenage years, Ashley realized that door-to-door selling was not her best attribute.
  • Her entrepreneurial journey began upon recognizing her skills in writing.
  • While working as a Proposals Manager for several companies, it came to her that a 9-5 work was not the best option for her.

Written Success

  • Ashley helps people who are looking for someone trustworthy to create a business plan that will win the money they need.
  • They operate with integrity and partner with their clients to help them succeed. Ashley insists on a phone call to get to know about the client, the business, and the vision.

Get In Touch         

Show Notes Timestamps

[02:33]     Victor introduces and welcomes Ashley.

[03:15]     Ashley growing up.

04: 02    Her journey as an entrepreneurial journey.

I realized that 9-5 work was not gonna be the right option for me.

I had enough of the corporate game.

[07:15]     Ashley’s business plan.

[09:37]     The transition and the goal.

[12:11]     Ashley’s strength and weakness.

Sometimes you just don’t reach perfection until you start moving on it.

[14:43]     What makes her stand.

[16:00]     The ideal clients and how she helps them.

Nobody’s gonna invest in your idea unless you can put it on paper in a way that makes sense.

[17:50]     Ashley’s tips on pitching.

[20:25]     More about her services.

[22:35]     Ashley’s day.

[23:42]     Client acquisition and marketing platforms.

[26:32]     People she looks up to and inspires her.

[29:15]     Methodologies of pitches in the corporate world.

[30:31]     Books and resources she’d recommend.

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey

[31:42]     Ashley and her business in two years’ time.

[32:25]     Getting in touch.



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