Niche Tours EP 165 with JF Brou

Niche Tours EP 165 with JF Brou

Everything JF Brou does is related to empowering 19-24 year olds towards enlightenment by promoting their core organizational values: ENTREPRENEURSHIP // SELF-DEVELOPMENT // LIFE CHANGING TRAVEL EXPERIENCES.

This all comes off the back of his first successful business after finishing university. Check out today’s episode on finding a niche, scaling and thinking bigger!

The Beginnings

  • After JF’s college degree, he felt the urge not to get involved with the corporate world.
  • His desire to travel led him to the idea of starting a travel tour where his clients gets to travel and finance him too.

JF Brou

  • JF Brou is a 30-year old Serial Digital Entrepreneur & Travel Photographer from Montreal, Canada.
  • He founded Interstude, the Rep Your Flag Festival, Exchange Your Life, Oui Are Entrepreneurs, Poutine Canada, Travel Ready, The Sportiest & SpaceJourney (coming soon) and many upcoming companies.
  • Everything JF does is related to EMPOWERING THE 19-24 YEAR OLD TOWARD ENLIGHTENMENT and TRUE WEALTH.


  • He started InterStude out of college because he didn’t want to become an adult just yet. The 9 to 5 corporate job was a nightmare for him.
  • All JF wanted was to travel the world and meet people from different cultures. The easiest way he found to finance this dream was to continue the lifestyle of his 2 exchange abroad in Milan and in Paris.
  • InterStude grew from a first free event with 4 people at his mom’s place 45 minutes south Montreal to what it is today.

Get In Touch  

Show Notes Timestamps

[02:07]     Victor introduces and welcomes JF.

[02:37]     JF growing up.

I wanted to travel and see other cultures.

[04:52]     The business now.

[06:23]     His staff and how it has grown.

[07:23]     JF’s vision for the business.

[10:03]     Bus company to self-development and entrepreneurship.

I help people see what true wealth is.

[13:04]     His part on the growth.

[18:36]     The future of his self-development program.

[21:34]     The biggest challenges with the business.

We’re control by our minds. You’ll realize that your worries are just illusions.

[25:24]     The people JF looked up to.

There’s always something you can give back. You have to give back first instead of just taking.

[28:02]     His day.

[28:57]     How he manages a routine while jumping from one place to another.

[32:26]     Focusing on your strength.

[34:01]     Books and resources he’d recommended.

[35:47]     JF’s book.

[38:00]     JF in two years’ time.

[38:50]     Getting in touch.

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