Money Management for Young Entrepreneurs Ep 166 with Michelle Stonhill

Money Management for Young Entrepreneurs Ep 166 with Michelle Stonhill

We all deal with money every day (although it may feel we deal with more cryptocurrency if you judged your Facebook feed) but we don’t always manage it well.

Michelle Stonhill has made it her mission to help Entrepreneurs take control of their money and conqueror their mindset in the process.

This has come from learning to overcome her own personal beliefs. Start the New Year in a better position!

The Beginnings

  • Her exposure to entrepreneur started when she was young, with two opposing views from two of the most influential persons in her life at that time: her father, and her grandfather.
  • She started in the employment sector, but later on was driven to enter entrepreneurship.

Michelle Stonhill

  • Michelle Stonhill is from the Midlands of UK. She is a Women’s Wealth Strategist, Business Coach and Network Marketing Pro. Michelle believes that every woman, regardless of background, experience or personality type can be financially free and in control of their life.
  • Michelle is dedicated on helping people TRANSFORM THEIR FINANCES, MAKE MORE MONEY, and TAKE CONTROL OF THEIR LIVES by means of Financial Freedom.

Miss Money Bags

  • The book is a product of Michelle’s experiences as she ventured into entrepreneurship.
  • It is about increasing income and financial literacy.
  • It believes that when we understand our relationship with money, it unlocks the potential within us. When combined with financial education, we get the exact recipe needed to become a powerfully charged money magnet!

Get In Touch

Show Notes Timestamps

[02:29]     Victor introduces and welcomes Michelle.

[03:08]     Michelle talks about her first exposure to entrepreneurship and the two most influential persons in her life.

[05:16]     They talk about the book “The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck”.

[06:28]     Transitioning from a job to entrepreneurship

[08:18]     When Michelle decided to leave her job…

[08:55]     “The most important asset that we all have: that is myself [ourselves].”

[10:18]     How serious business started.

[12:30]     Michelle goes back two years ago, when she started her advocacy to financial literacy.

[12:53]     Problems in earning income without knowing what to do with it.

[15:06]     How Michelle changed her habits in handling finances.

[16:49]     Tips on how to handle finances.

[22:18]     How she handled the marketing of her brand.

[24:04]     On branding: “If you just be you, then your vibe attracts your tribe”.

[24:28]     What type of channeling works well with a Michelle Stonhill.

[25:28]     What is she most excited about business today?

[28:30]     What book/s influenced her the most?

[30:08]     Where is Michelle in two years, and what is she doing?

[31:03]:   Keeping in touch, and about her book: Miss Money Bags

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