Selling the Family Business Ep 167 with Andre Borell

Selling the Family Business Ep 167 with Andre Borell

After finishing school, Andre joined the family business full time, whilst at the same time completing a Bachelor of Business Management after hours. After graduation, Andre then put 100% focus on the family business, and in only four years helped transform the company from a two-person operation run by his Mum and Dad, into a company that employed nine staff with a multi-million dollar turnover annually. Andre then helped broker the sale of the business to an ASX listed company, in order to allow his parents to retire.
Andre has since gone on to found many businesses of his own, some of which are small niche businesses, some are multi-million dollar businesses, and some are international companies.
After facing many hurdles, such as lack of access to finance as a young entrepreneur, and also very aggressive competitors, Andre made his first million by the age of 25, and continues to grow his various business interests and wealth.
His businesses have been listed in both the Australian Financial Review Fast Starters list (fastest growing start-ups) and also Fast 100 list (fastest growing businesses), and he was awarded the title of ‘Young Entrepreneur of the Year’ in 2016.

The Beginnings

  • His family had a business, (manufacturing of safety equipment) wherein he participated right after finishing school. This family business was soon sold, it made him grab the opportunities that he had then in mind.
  • As a young boy, he was helping his electrician father, Walter Borell, on-site by the time he was 12 years old, and was working in the family business (Extreme Safety – an electrical safety wholesaler) by the age of 15.

About Andre

  • Andre Borell is an award-winning Young Entrepreneur, who was nominated as a finalist for multiple times and awarded as a winner in April of 2016. He is from Queensland, Australia. He may seem young, but Andre has been around business and the electrical industry for most of his life.

Mobile Test ‘n’ Cal

  • Testing of electrical safety products and calibration of meters and instruments is mandatory in all states. But in the past, the delivery of this testing and calibration service left much to be desired. This gap spurred the opportunity for the business to expand successfully.
  • Mobile Test ‘n’ Cal is now expanding its on-site testing and calibration network within Australia through a prosperous franchise model, on which more information can be found on this website.

Get In Touch     

Show Notes Timestamps

[02:10]     Victor introduces guest, Andre Borell.

[02:50]     Andre talking about how he started entrepreneurship.

[04:25]     Victor asks Andre to picture out the family business when he first joined the business, and later on.

[07:18]     After the family business, there was “Mobile Test ‘n’ Cal”.

[08:28]     Andre talks about how he obtained market share using customer service.

[11:21]     The business over the years…

[12:32]     His vision on the business in years.

[14:48]     Other business things that keep Andre is busy at the moment.

[15:35]     Andre shares about the videography business.

[18:50]     What does a day for Andre Borell look like?

[20:15]     How he proportions his time to his many businesses.

[21:17]     Andre talks about things that makes him most excited now.

[22:13]     The best and worst habits.

[24:32]     “You blaming other people achieves nothing”

[25:00]     The books that made a big impact on him.

[27:47]     Where is Andre in two years, and what is he doing?

[28:36]     Keeping in touch: Most active in Instagram.

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