Making Brands Famous Ep 170 with James Stephan-Usypchuk

Making Brands Famous Ep 170 with James Stephan-Usypchuk

Start-ups are growing like mushrooms in today’s generation. Some survives, and unfortunately, some don’t. With so much overwhelming content in the web, there is always the struggle in standing out. In this episode, James has been in the field of Digital Marketing & Facebook Ads, a few of the best platforms to get people know your brand. He’ll be diving into tips on how to make it in the online marketing jungle.

Ready your pen and paper because we have a ton of content and inspiration coming at you today!  James will definitely provide you with motivation to get ahead of yourself and make you realize that the only thing that’s stopping you from actualizing your dreams is your imaginary handicap.

The Beginnings

  • As a boy, he fought against Wilms Tumor, a type of kidney cancer, this led him to start fund raising at the age of five. With the help of Maria, an owner of a foundation, he was exposed to entrepreneurship.
  • The networking started when he was a boy, saving by means of selling candies in school. He did private servers for World of Warcraft by subscriptions, even before the subscription model today became a
  • At the age of 21, he was devastated by the side-effects of his cancer, making him have doubts on his life. By taking it up on the bright side, this supposedly dark moment became his inspiration to take up studies in the field of psychology, and led him to where he is now.

JSU Solutions

  • He JSU Solutions develops innovative marketing strategies to help brands grow their following and influence. Already one of the premier Facebook ad agencies in Canada, we are at the forefront of 21st-century communications and advertising, developing unique, proprietary solutions to complex problems.
  • Their marketing experts will craft your business an end-to-end solution—including marketing funnels, buyer personas, social media strategy, custom content, and more—to take your brand to the next level and beyond. From small startups to large-scale enterprises, we provide the tools and the expertise to help businesses of all sizes grow their brand.

 Get In Touch                

[02:21]     Victor introduces & welcomes guest, James.

[03:08]     James talks about his growing up years.

[06:16]     The relationship between psychology and business.

It’s not about getting people to do what you want, it’s about listening to what they need and understanding it. Seeing how you can help & work with them, that’s where authenticity and being genuine  comes in.

[10:24]     Victor and James talk about authenticity and genuineness.

[12:43]     James talks about his observations on some of today’s entrepreneurs.

[15:00]     How the business started, and how it evolved.

[18:45]     Talking about social media advertising.

[22:43]     On doing advertising.

Uniqueness about you is what makes people love and want to work with you.

[28:42]     James’ strengths and weaknesses as an entrepreneur.

[31:13]     Victor asks him about his vision and how James perceives success.

[37:45]     The books, readings, and authors that made a big impact on James.

[39:56]     Shoutout: Owen Hemsath

[41:30]     Keeping in touch.

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