First Generation Millenial Women Empowerment Ep 172 with Elaine Lou Cartas

First Generation Millenial Women Empowerment Ep 172 with Elaine Lou Cartas

Elaine Lou Cartas is a Global Career & Assertiveness coach, author and speaker who empowers first generation millennials with step-by-step processes and accountability to get their dream career with the salary they deserve, while being assertive. Elaine Lou works with clients throughout the world to help them understand their self-worth with salary negotiations, finding their dream career, networking, and being assertive.

Through her own story, Elaine Lou has been able to ask for two salary raises, $12,000 from a past job, and a $26,000 into a completely new career.  Despite her successes, she has also gone through her own blessings in disguise by fired three times, and quitting from two jobs. Elaine Lou has coached others to have difficult conversations and get their respect and salary they deserve. Elaine Lou’s goal is for others to give themselves permission to live their truth. Elaine Lou is a proud daughter of two immigrants, and is committed to honoring her family’s struggles by living her life to the fullest.

The Beginnings

  • Elaine, at 30, has been through a lot of jobs, 25 to be precise including her dream job.
  • Jumping from one job to another, she was in pursuit of her happiness and higher purpose.
  • Elaine started her business to make an impact and change the lives of people going through what she has.

 Elaine Lou’s Coaching Business

  • She support first generation, millennial women who want to get paid what they deserve, to find a career that is aligned with their purpose and passion, while helping them eliminate the mind blocks holding them back from their true, authentic selves.
  • She believes that when we give ourselves permission to be who we truly are, money will follow.

 Get In Touch      

Show Notes Timestamps

[02:03]     Victor introduces & welcomes guest, Elaine.

[02:38]     Leaving the dream job.

[03:32]     Elaine’s past careers.

[06:47]     How her business came about.

I wasn’t greedy, I just felt like I wasn’t getting paid what I deserved.

I need to do what I love and I need to help people like me.

[11:48]     The value that Elaine brings.

[15:22]     About her clients and their success stories in her program.

[18:50]     Elaine’s client acquisition.

[22:48]     The business in two years’ time.

[23:18]     How to make the dream a reality.

[25:31]     Books or resources she’d recommend.

The Alchemist by Paulo Coehlo

[27:18]     Getting in touch.

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