Delegate your business and grow Ep 173 with Chris Schwab

Delegate your business and grow Ep 173 with Chris Schwab

Want to learn how you can delegate your ENTIRE business? Then check out this interview I did with 24 year old Chris Schwab, who runs 2 businesses (one of them in just 10 minutes per DAY) from 11,000km away and is the founder of InoVA Local, which provides virtual managers for small and local businesses.

The Beginnings

  • Growing up, Chris moved a lot from the US to the UK and back.
  • Chris went to boarding school, restricting him from doing any entrepreneurial venture he wanted.
  • Chris grew up with autism, in college, he took psychology for the benefit of himself.
  • At the final year of his studies, Chris went to South Korea, met his entrepreneur-spirited best friend and got influenced to starting his business.


  • They are the best of the best when it comes to local service business virtual assistants and they’re confident they can help you.
  • InoVA Local offer two separate virtual assistant packages to help you run your business – Virtual Assistants and Virtual Managers.
  • They also offer other services that lets them do your work for you, such as phone calls, scheduling, billing, emails, team managements, payroll, recruiting, customers, administrative works, and marketing.

 Get In Touch            

[01:59]     Victor introduces & welcomes Chris.

[02:45]     Chris growing up on an entrepreneurial point of view.

Growing up, I was never a fan of authority.

[06:21]     How he started his business.

[08:02]     Generating the Cleaning Business Chris built.

I decided that I would just dominate one platform, and that’s my local community.

[11:10]     The biggest headaches and how the second business started.

I’ve gone from working 12 hours a day to just 10 minutes a day.

[13:19]     The system Chris built.

[16:26]     More about his business.

[17:23]     Chris’ day and InoVA.

[19:06]     The headaches he experience on InoVA Local.

I find trust as the biggest thing with business owners.

[22:05]     Getting more clients and building trust.

[25:46]     His referral system.

[27:49]     Books, resources, and influencers Chris is into.

Tim Ferriss – The 4-Hour Work Week.

[31:59]     Chris in two years’ time.

[33:27]     Getting in touch.

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