Entrepreneurship with Helping Hands Ep 174 with Adam Marquardt

Entrepreneurship with Helping Hands Ep 174 with Adam Marquardt

Adam started his journey in an unusual way, he dropped out of college to pursue the entrepreneurial journey about 10 years ago. “It was the best decision I ever made” Adam said. “I’ve had ups, and downs, and learned hard lessons, but also had great opportunities and successes.”  He started a web development agency, which later on expanded into a full-service marketing agency.

He also gives consultations to businesses and coaches the founders for free, because of his passion about their success. He believes that he is also now on a journey to help entrepreneurs who are either stuck, or struggling to start, to overcome their obstacles and use their God-given talents to thrive.

The Beginnings

  • As a boy, Adam believed that someday he was going to be successful. His dad was working on automotive, while his mom focused on their home. He knew that entrepreneurship was always for him, when he started to sell prayer rocks as a kid.
  • He experienced working for someone, and working with freedom. Preferring the latter, he finally decided to venture into the entrepreneurial world.

Adam Marquardt

  • He is an entrepreneur that dwells into the agency business. More so, Adam is driven to help other people as a success coach.
  • Adam is an obsessor of growth, for himself and his fellow entrepreneurs. Having ADHD, he thinks that this was in fact a blessing to him.

#NEVERQUIT Entrepreneurs Group

  • Adam wants to create a community of entrepreneurs where they know they are NOT alone, and they are supported. The Facebook group also includes contents (lives and podcasts) where he interviews entrepreneurs who have failed, but chose to never quit, and have succeeded.
  • So often I see the “iceberg” perspective where people see the tip of the iceberg (“the success”) and think it happened easily or instantly, but they don’t see the bottom of the iceberg which is underwater (the late nights, the failures, the pain, the sacrifice). These are all things that entrepreneurs need to be reminded of as they press on.” Adam on his motivation to create the group.

Get In Touch       


Show Notes Timestamps

[00:45]     Victor introduces & welcomes guest, Adam.

[01:12]     Adam talks about his background and growing up years.

[03:10]     Adam in his early years in entrepreneurship.

[05:16]     Victor asks Adam on his decision on furthering college.

If you don’t feel that it is for you, explore that some more.

[07:20]     How the agency started.

[09:17]     On building clients…

NOT all money is EQUAL.

[13:07]     Victor asks Adam on his observation on the common things that blindsides and slows down people.

[19:13]     Adam’s best skills and things that he works to improve.

Figure out what you love, and what you hate. Figure out where you’re strongest, and weakest

[26:02]     Adam talks about a person and his portfolio.

[26:55]     Victor asks Adam on how he scaled his people on the agency.

[29:15]     What a day looks like for Adam.

[33:30]     Adam on the books that has influenced him lately.

[35:55]     Where is Adam in two years’ time?

[36:33]     Keeping in touch with Adam Marquardt.

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