5k Investment to 7-figure Revenue in Amazon Europe Ep 175 with John Cavendish

5k Investment to 7-figure Revenue in Amazon Europe Ep 175 with John Cavendish

Before starting his Amazon Europe journey, John had zero experience with running an online business. After university, he joined the corporate world in London but rapidly realized that it was not for him.

After launching his first Amazon brand in 2014, John was soon able to quit his job to travel the world and network with other successful Amazon sellers from around the globe. Today, he’s generating 6 figures of revenue per month from over a dozen products in Europe. John’s experience led him to develop a specific, step-by-step system to find success with every product launched.

John developed FBA Frontiers because so many sellers he met had great businesses on Amazon.com, but had completely dismissed Europe. He’s since made it his mission to help sellers overcome the barriers to entry in the EU and find success by bringing their products into Europe.

The Beginnings

  • John was one of those people who did not know what he wanted to do in life, when he was young. He entered a university in UK, and became an engineer. He experienced being a young professional, before deciding to venture in FBA Frontiers, his business.
  • He wanted to be more than a “9 to 5” job as an engineer, which motivated him to find for “something that gives more freedom”.

FBA Frontiers

  • FBA Frontiers was specifically created to help US sellers take advantage of the massive potential of Amazon Europe.
  • After seeing tremendous success in just a few years on Amazon Europe, John Cavendish met many successful American sellers looking for help getting started in Europe.
  • At the time, there was no definitive resource sellers could trust to get started in Europe, so John set out to make his own.

Kurbis Engineering Ltd

  • Kurbis Engineering is formed of enthusiastic Project Consultants with railway experience covering main line, metro and signalling systems.
  • They provide professional project management assistance and contract support to clients in the rail industry.
  • The company aims to help others achieve their goals with relevant technical knowledge and a personable approach, using insight to find innovative and creative solutions to an array of engineering problems.

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Show Notes Timestamps

[00:56]     Victor talks about & welcomes the guest, John Cavendish.

[01:45]     John talks about how he started in entrepreneurship.

[02:20]     Adam on his experience as an engineer.

[04:30]     FBA Frontiers: John’s business.

[06:30]     Victor asks him about his very first product, and his early years in business.

[09:08]     How John handled earning cash.

If I have reinvested it [my money] back then, I would have way more money now.

[10:56]     On John’s issues on his early times in business.

[12:07]     He shares about what evergreen products are all about.

[13:13]     On plans of business expansions.

[15:05]     Victor asks John to share about his insights on what mistakes people usually commit in venturing to businesses.

[17:00]     John talks about how to analyze products in Amazon.

[19:32]     What a day looks like for John, and how his team has expanded.

[21:44]     Victor asks him on his best and worst habit.

[23:58]     John shares about the books that has impacted him most.

[25:28]     Where is John in two years’ time?

[26:43]     Keeping in touch with John Cavendish

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