Facing Fear and Transforming Life for the Better Ep 176 with Eirian Cohen

Facing Fear and Transforming Life for the Better Ep 176 with Eirian Cohen

Doing something that scares you is not easy, doubt has been a very reason for people to give up on their dream even before they even get started. But for the ones who embraced their fear, it’s a totally different, inspiring story. Eirian Cohen is an actress, a success coach, a co-producer, founder of an acting agency, and an author – all because she made sure to excel in the things she feared the most.

Let Eirian take you to her life story and bubble up that inspiration within so you could start your journey in the most fearless way possible.

The Beginnings

  • The entrepreneurship exposure started in her early years, since both of her parents run businesses. As a child, she has realized to take risks and chances in businesses.
  • After going to school, while having confidence issues, she pursued to perform by studying in a school of arts. She had years of idle and downfall, but her downfalls were her turning points in life. Hence, making her venture to become an actress.


  • Eirian is the founder of Northern Star Acting and co-producer of ESG Media LTD. Credits include comedy horror Talk of the Dead, which is currently nominated for 13 awards and Inside Fear among other internationally released movies and TV shows.
  • Being hugely passionate about acting and believing her true path in life is to inspire and motivate others on their road to success, Northern Star Acting was born in 2015.
  • The academy was founded with the vision to offer new actors more than just an acting class – to welcome them into a tribe of actors and coach them to develop, not only their acting skills but the business skills and mindset needed to make it in the industry.

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Show Notes Timestamps

[00:50]     Victor introduces & welcomes guest, Eirian.

[01:48]     Eirian shares about how entrepreneurship started in her life.

[02:45]     How she transitioned after school.

[04:32]     Victor asks Eirian how she started her acting career.

[07:34]     From acting and dancing… to entrepreneurship: agency.

If something scares you, just do it.

[12:00]     Actors and businesses.

[14:31]     From agency to life coaching.

[16:02]     Eirian shares her current business endeavor: an Animal Sanctuary.

[17:45]     Victor asks Eirian on how she markets her business and gets people.

[23:53]     She shares about her best attributes, and worst weaknesses.

[27:35]     Eirian on the books that has influenced her lately.

[30:41]     Where Eirian Cohen is in two years time…

[31:26]     Keeping in touch with Eirian. Mostly active: Facebook

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