Now Is the Time to Become Unstoppable Ep 177 with Jennifer Hardie

Now Is the Time to Become Unstoppable Ep 177 with Jennifer Hardie

Jennifer lives in the Scottish countryside with 3 kids, a Husband and dog Bruce Springsteen! Of course having children is one of her many driving forces. She wants to be in a position to provide opportunity and adventure. But what makes her heart burst and jump out of bed energized every morning is the thought of helping women realize their true worth.

Get a ton of content in this episode as Jen takes us to her journey from being in the musical theater industry to being a serial entrepreneur and a career coach.

The Beginnings

  • She had a humble start, being someone who had not much money. In fact, she never thought that business would be something that she could do.
  • Jennifer was not the academic, nor dreamer type. She was inspired by her musician uncle who, in a lot of times, travelled around the world. As she loved travelling too, it motivated her to earn more wealth.
  • She took arts in college, i.e. dance, art & drama. She had her son at age of 21, which drove her to be in business. She knew she had ample experience in the theatre arts, that’s when she decided to do something about it. Hence, the theatre school.

The Serial Entrepreneur

  • Jen started her career in musical theatre. Although she’s retired now, she loves teaching still and hold little classes around her area and at her little girls’ school and nursery. It’s a passion of hers that won’t ever leave her.
  • With her coaching career, she envisions women take control of their lives, smash their goals, step up to their world of abundance and begin to earn their true worth.
  • Here belief in a fulfilling life is circled in her four core values: Gratitude, Giving, Kindness, and Patience.

Get In Touch     

Show Notes Timestamps

[00:50]     Victor introduces & describes guest, Jennifer.

[01:34]     Jennifer on her younger years.

[03:50]     How the entrepreneurial journey started.

[09:10]     Victor asks Jennifer the details on how her first business, the theatre school, was passed on.

[12:35]     After the school, there was the Network Marketing Business.

[15:41]     Victor asks on what occupies Jennifer’s day most.

[18:55]     Her opinion on what people doesn’t necessarily need, and what they should not be outsourcing in business..

Start really small. The most important thing is BUILD a COMMUNITY.

[27:01]     Jennifer on what her day looks like lately.

[31:19]     On the books that has influenced her the most.

[34:11]     Where Jennifer Hardie is in two years time…

[35:53]     Keeping in touch with Jennifer.


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