Finding Your Niche and Implementing Scalability Ep 180 with Jake Jorgovan

Finding Your Niche and Implementing Scalability Ep 180 with Jake Jorgovan

Jake is the Founder of Lead Cookie, a done-for-you LinkedIn prospecting service. Over the past 7 months, Jake has grown Lead Cookie from a concept to over $45k in MRR. He is a world traveling nomad and operates the entire company remotely.

Learn how to recognize where you are good at and identify the key points in which you could grow your business from. Level up your entrepreneurial game with a ton of content from today’s episode!

The Beginnings

  • Jake has already been self-employed since he was 19 years old.
  • At a young age, he believed that the world is a crazy system and he did not want to work for someone else.
  • For some time, Jake has built a business providing video production but ended up selling it to his partner and ventured into consultancy.

Lead Cookie

  • Lead Cookie is a done-for-you Linkedin Prospecting service.
  • They manage your Linkedin Profile and generate quality leads for your business.
  • Part of their services are optimizing your Linkedin profile, onnect with up to 100 target prospects every day, and generate qualified traffic to your profile.

Get In Touch   

Show Notes Timestamps

[00:47]     Victor welcomes and introduces Jake.

[01:22]     Jake before his business.

[03:05]     Insights he could provide for individuals starting out freelance and entrepreneurship.

Make sure that you are delivering value in way that’s meaningful to your customers.

[06:33]     About his previous video production business.

[09:30]     Things Jake could’ve done differently in the past.

[12:29]     Jake’s current consulting agency.

[15:12]     How he got Lead Cookie started and how he kept it going.

To be successful in LinkedIn, you can’t be ‘salesy’.

[23:01]     The approach towards potential client conversations and pitching.

[24:59]     How Jake found and handled scalability.

[29:31]     His best and worst habits/skills.

[32:41]     Books or resources he’d recommend.

How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie

Built to Sell by John Warrillow

Traction by Gino Wickman

[34:30]     Getting in touch.

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