Business across Cultures. Ep 182 with Liz Grossman

Business across Cultures. Ep 182 with Liz Grossman

Liz is a strategist, communicator, relationship manager and educator who has spent the past ten years back and forth between West Africa. After holding a variety of roles as a teacher, consultant, communications officer and even an entrepreneur in Senegal and Cameroon, Liz cofounded Baobab Consulting, a mission driven company promoting mutual understanding and equitable collaboration between Africa and the US. She works with public figures, private sector companies, entrepreneurs and educators to ensure their messages are heard, their strategies are effective, and their education programs are inclusive.

Currently, Liz is Managing Director of Baobab Consulting, a consulting firm promoting mutual understanding and equitable collaboration between Africa and the US through strategic facilitation, communications, business development and education. She has served as Community Manager at the Impact Hub New York City, a coworking space for social entrepreneurs, Content Curator for SOCAP, an impact investing conference in San Francisco, and she volunteers as a mentor for a South Sudanese entrepreneur with the Resolution Project.

The Beginnings

  • Liz grew up in Pennsylvania, USA, where she took her High School. This is where she has learned to be very open-minded, exploratory and inquisitive. She had interests in the world around her. Outside in Chicago, she took her College Education in North Western University.
  • Her visit in Africa, where she initially experienced teaching, was one of her turning points in life
  • All the eye-opener experiences was Liz’s motivation to start her company.

Liz Grossman

  • Liz graduated from Harvard University with her M.Ed. in International Education Policy and from Northwestern University with a B.A. in Communications and International Studies. Liz’s experience includes advanced studies of youth, internet and development in Cameroon, as well as teaching at an International Baccalaureate high school in Dakar, Senegal. She has worked on education issues in Uganda, Chad, Gambia, Guinea, Mauritania, Guinea Bissau, and Mali, and consulted for UNESCO, UNICEF, UNHCR, the Ministry of Higher Education of Senegal, and other NGOs.
  • As a communications professional, Liz launched a social venture teaching students and young professionals in Senegal how to use the internet to develop 21st century skills. She has worked for Tostan, holding several leadership roles in communications, training, and social enterprise development, including Senior Strategic Relations Manager of the Tostan Training Center. She also co-wrote and promoted a policy toolkit on women’s leadership in Africa with Dr. Joyce Banda, former president of Malawi, during her fellowship at the Wilson Center’s Women in Public Service Project.

Baobab Consulting

  • The company is about creating a world where Africans and Americans understand and work with each other to build and innovate by promoting mutual understanding and equitable collaboration

Get In Touch    

Show Notes Timestamps

[02:30]     Victor gives an introduction to guest, Liz Grossman.

[03:15]     Liz on her growing up and development years.

[06:25]     About Baobab Consulting.

[07:45]     Liz talks about the company’s services to clients.

[09:49]     Discussing the different areas of Africa.

[12:28]     Victor asks her about struggles experienced in business.

How do you get those opinions across in a way that’s actually respecting the people you are working with.

[14:30]     Differences in cultural contexts.

[17:00]     Liz shares on how the company reaches out to clients.

It takes practice, and it takes concerted efforts to get good at.

[21:23]     Victor asks Liz what a day looks like for her.

[23:38]     Liz talks about her best traits, and ones she has to improve.

[28:36]     In two years time…

[29:55]     Keeping in touch with Liz Grossman.

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