Selling the Business Ep 183 with Jack O’Brien

Selling the Business Ep 183 with Jack O’Brien

Jack started out as a physiotherapist with an inkling for business. This quickly turned into Jack buying his first established clinic and growing like crazy. He’s now created an amazing culture that has allowed him to get off the tools and be a true business owner and the time and ability to help others do the same. It hasn’t always been smooth sailing though. The lessons learnt and the things he has applied are crucial for any business to thrive.

Jack has experience working with the Newcastle Knights rugby league club as an intern physiotherapist. He has a keen interest in injury prevention and health promotion, and has particular expertise in shoulder rehabilitation. Check it all out in today’s episode.

The Beginnings

  • Jack’s father had a small business on transport services, where he learned the to-do and not to-do’s of business. His entrepreneurship idea started by using his CD Burner, where he would burn CD albums and sell it for amounts.
  • With experiences in sport, he wanted to enter medicine school. That was why he took a degree on Physiotherapy. His first business started when he kept persisting a pay rise on work, until eventually his boss decided to sell the business to him.

About Jack

  • Jack is the managing director and senior physiotherapist at Terrace Physio Plus. He graduated as a Physiotherapist from the University of Newcastle in 2012. He has his Certificate III and Certificate IV in Fitness (Personal Training).
  • He is also currently studying for his Master in Public Health at the University of Newcastle. Jack is a certified Functional Movement Specialist (FMS) and an active member of the Australian Physiotherapy Association (APA).

Get In Touch      

[00:45]     Victor introduces guest, Jack O’Brien.

[01:42]     Jack on where and how he started.

[05:30]     On how the transition to business started with Jack.

[07:15]     Victor asks him details on the first business he bought.

[10:53]     Talking about expanding the business.

[12:45]     Jack on how he handled his career as a physiotherapist, and entrepreneur.

It was a case of give up what you love for what you love more

[14:40]     Victor asks Jack on his specialty as a physiotherapist.

[19:04]     Jack shares what he has learned on business after all the experiences (esp. marketing).

[24:01]     Victor asks him on how the business was marketed, and the considerations to be taken.

It’s important to track the right metrics.

[28:38]     Jack, and his clinic, in years…

[31:37]     Victor asks him on his biggest challenges in career.

[35:30]     On his best and worst habits.

[38:40]     Jack talks about the book that had the biggest impact on him.

[40:04]     Keeping in touch with Jack O’Brien.

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