Business across Cultures. Ep 182 with Liz Grossman

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Liz is a strategist, communicator, relationship manager and educator who has spent the past ten years back and forth between West Africa. After holding a variety of roles as a teacher, consultant, communications officer and even an entrepreneur in Senegal and Cameroon, Liz cofounded Baobab Consulting, a mission driven company promoting mutual understanding and equitable collaboration between Africa and the US. She works with public figures, private sector companies, entrepreneurs and educators to ensure their messages are heard, their strategies are effective, and their education programs are inclusive.

Currently, Liz is Managing Director of Baobab Consulting, a consulting firm promoting mutual understanding and equitable collaboration between Africa and the US through strategic facilitation, communications, business development and education. She has served as Community Manager at the Impact Hub New York City, a coworking space for social entrepreneurs, Content Curator for SOCAP, an impact investing conference in San Francisco, and she volunteers as a mentor for a South Sudanese entrepreneur with the Resolution Project.

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Improving Your Business Through Client-focused Services Ep 181 with Victor Ahipene

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Today, the competition between businesses get tougher and tougher everyday. The hustle it requires to keep your business afloat is off the roof. But one thing is for sure when it comes to keeping your business alive, or even scaling it up – happy clients!

Get ready for a ton of value about how to level up your business and beat the competition by providing the best customer service in your niche.

Finding Your Niche and Implementing Scalability Ep 180 with Jake Jorgovan

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Jake is the Founder of Lead Cookie, a done-for-you LinkedIn prospecting service. Over the past 7 months, Jake has grown Lead Cookie from a concept to over $45k in MRR. He is a world traveling nomad and operates the entire company remotely.

Learn how to recognize where you are good at and identify the key points in which you could grow your business from. Level up your entrepreneurial game with a ton of content from today’s episode!
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Understanding Subscription Business Ep 179 with Patrick Campbell

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Patrick Campbell has seen inside more subscription and SaaS companies than anyone else in the world. As the co-founder & CEO of ProfitWell (formerly Price Intelligently), he is leading a scrappy team of 40, who are helping some of the world’s best companies (like Zapier and Wistia) identify pricing and growth strategies that are actually working today. Patrick has bootstrapped ProfitWell from nothing in 2012, to $10 million in 2017.

Six years ago, Patrick was hit with the inspiration to launch ProfitWell after seeing many founders putting blood, sweat, and tears into building businesses with their bare hands; and when time came to put a price on their work, they’d rely on faulty data or “gut feelings”, leaving an enormous amount of cash on the table as a result.

Today, 25% of all SaaS businesses (8,000+ companies) use ProfitWell to get all of their subscription and financial metrics in one place for free. Patrick’s mission is to use the huge amount of proprietary industry data and experience they have to help companies apply the best strategies for finding and retaining customers.
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House Hacking and Financial Independence Ep 178 with Diego Corzo

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Diego is a Realtor for Keller Williams alongside an incredible team, and currently owns 8 rentals properties, both in Texas and in Florida. Diego is on a path to financial freedom and aspires to help others, especially millennials, become financially free and reach their full potential.

Diego’s system of House Hacking helps Millennials realize their dream of financial independence. House Hacking has allowed Diego to build a portfolio of 8 properties in just 4 years since he bought his first house.

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Now Is the Time to Become Unstoppable Ep 177 with Jennifer Hardie

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Jennifer lives in the Scottish countryside with 3 kids, a Husband and dog Bruce Springsteen! Of course having children is one of her many driving forces. She wants to be in a position to provide opportunity and adventure. But what makes her heart burst and jump out of bed energized every morning is the thought of helping women realize their true worth.

Get a ton of content in this episode as Jen takes us to her journey from being in the musical theater industry to being a serial entrepreneur and a career coach.

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