Consumer Brand Development Ep 140 with Matt Ryczek

Matt Ryczek

How many of you have had a business idea that required a physical product that you thought would improve or even revolutionize your industry (‘insert I have the next uber of X industry quote’). Often times its fear that stops us. In this case it is however a combination of I am scared because I don’t know where to start.

This is where Idea House & Co. come in. They work with start-ups, entrepreneurs, and existing brands to develop, engineer, manufacture, and grow their businesses to be industry leaders. Working in industries such as extreme sports, beauty products, transportation, medical, aviation, and home products there is not an industry Matt Ryczek has not had a chance to explore and execute in.  Matt Ryczek’s specialties focus in on the viability of a brand and product including market identification/acquisition, supply chain design, and design for a market fit.

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Dear Diary… EP 137 on Why I Love My Journal

EP137 Header

I have never really been one to write in a journal…I hardly took notes at lectures at university. Check out why the journal I started using has improved my clarity and focus and started building some new productive habits. Honestly, check this out its power packed and is awesome!

Crowdfunding with Rossco Paddison from Gather Change EP 136

EP136 Header

Rossco Paddison is fixated on helping ambitious entrepreneurs who want to break-free from apathy, brought on by slow and mediocre success.

Fortunately, he’s been humbled by the simultaneous growth of several businesses he has invested in, due largely to a handful of systems, relationships and traits he has embodied as an entrepreneur.

He has found, in business you can have your cake and eat it too. Those who tell you that you cannot, may be “in the way” and not “on the way” to your success.

Rossco helps people to build businesses and crowdfund. This episode is epic with some great insights make sure to grab and pen and paper and check it out!

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Making Video’s with Impact Ep 135 with Jake Kay-Lawson

EP135 Header

Jake started his first business 5 years ago at 17 selling onesies online, over two years grew this into an international company with suppliers in Japan, Australia + USA. He was studying at university during this time jumping between 4 different degrees until he found a liking in creative advertising. He however found that doing both uni and running a business meant one or both would suffer, so he jumped ship in 2014 and joined The Entourage to discover firsthand what running a business was really about. Find out in today’s episode where that journey has taken him.

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