Ep 39: Ian Warner Olympic Athlete Turned Entrepreneur

Ian Warner EP 39

Who didn’t want to run the 100m at the Olympics? Meet IanWarner Olympic Athlete turned serial entrepreneur. He got into entrepreneurship runningCoverGround.co a site dedicated to help athletes succeed mentally, physically and financially. Today he talks about life, sport and the transitioning to becoming an entrepreneur. Also don’t miss his powerful words on hustle, relationships and the reason his teeth started to decay. It is a jammed packed show!

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Ep 36: Daniel Tolson Wake Boarding Champ, Traveler, Businessman and Peak Performance Coach [Part 1]

Danieltolsonpic ep36and37

Daniel has done a hell of a lot in his life already from being a National Wake Boarding Champion and Coach to travelling the world, starting different businesses and now helping others all around the world get there mind, body and business into peak performance. This 2 part series left me pumped with so many actionable tips that I had to jump right into.  

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BONUS EPISODE with Pam Brossman 10x Best Selling Author on how you can to! [Special Offer for listeners]


Meet Pam Brossman 10x best Selling Author on Amazon, digital marketer and serial entrepreneur. In this bonus episode we talk about how she went from the working world to a life on her terms, hanging with Richard Branson on his private island and of course how to position yourself to go to #1 on amazon. Make sure to check out her competition worth $10000+ where one lucky winner will get an idea turned into a number one best seller. Imagine what that could do for your business! Its free, I have already entered and there are more than one prize! Get involved no matter what your story others need to hear it https://hu104.isrefer.com/go/ubse/VictorAhipene

Ep 35: Part 2 with Kim Barrett On Becoming an Expert with Facebook Marketing

ep 34&35

Meet Kim Barrett from www.mysocialvoice.com he is one of the best in the game. He shares with us how he travelled the world learning from the top and now how he helps businesses get leads for 10x cheaper than what they previously had. This is a must from any business or future business owner. Make sure to check out part one as there is a lot of value in there for you to implement. 

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