Ep 11: Andrew Ellis On How To Create a 6 Figure Webinar in Your Niche (and working 4 hours a week)


Meet Andrew Ellis Founder of World Health Webinars a leading game changer in making industry related education accessible to the masses. He talks about the effort he put into launching a niche webinar product, his SNAP point on what made him take action, Learn how Andrew shaped his business around a 4 hour work week and what he found once he reached that pinnacle. This is a episode jam packed full of great content so dig in!

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Ep 10: Meet Lex Van Cooten from PickMee who is Helping Startups and Graduates with his Creative Business


Startup entrepreneurs have a million things to do and one limited time. There are so many things that they aren’t skilled at but have to spend huge amounts of time trying to get done. With limited capital it is often so hard for Startup entrepreneurs to spare any cash for other staff, freelancers or contractors.
University business students often require a certain amount of hours of interning to gain experience in their industry and also to pass their respective courses. Too often however they end up getting coffee and filing papers and leave underwhelmed with no experience to help them gain a foot into the working world.

So two different problems with one simple solution…. Meet Lex Van Cooten co-founder of PickMee. I love how they have solved a problem with an awesome WIN-WIN situation and I am sure you will to. So check out this great episode packed full of content.

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Ep 9: Dan Corkill on being a small fish in a big software development pond

Follow up boss

Dan is kicking goals. His company in the last four years has come on in leaps and bounds. A real estate lead magnet software in the United States even though he is based in the Australia. He talks to us about the mix between lifestyle design and business growth and creating a team that are location independent. Dan shares amazing tips on how to research any market you are thinking about starting a business in. If you have any plans to start a software company or grow and manage a team this is for you. Dig in and enjoy.

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Ep 8: Meet Kiran a 19 year old a Uni Drop out Success. Helping other young startups


Kiran Patel has bucked the trend of school to university to a solid career. Kiran was an aspiring film student who with a chance meeting got thrown in the deep end and had two options sink or swim. Listen to his story how he became an public speaker, film extraordinaire and marketing ‘guru’ in the space of 30 minutes. That moment sparked a change in him that he could build his own reality. He shares with us his journey from that point on. He is now helping other young entrepreneurs find their journey and supercharge that passion by learning to count the stories not the numbers.  This will give you not only the motivation to take action but some awesome insights into how to get started! [Read more…]

Ep 6: The Future of Business

Back to the future

Welcome to Part 1/2 of the Future of Business series. This is a bit different to the usual interview podcasts. Today I am sharing a combination of my thoughts, some resources and what I learnt atRroger Hamiltons Fast Forward Your Business Workshop . This is a must listen to for anyone it doesn’t matter if you are in a job, starting a business or fully up and running. This series explores the future of a lot of different industries and will open your eyes up to the possibilities as Youngpreneurs to develop with these fast changing trends and also the things we  should be aware of when planning for the future as what may work now may not exist in 5-10 years. Please share your thoughts and ideas in the comment section!

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Ep 5: Josh Withers on becoming a marriage celebrant and pop up weddings

Josh Withers Pic

Josh Withers had his life all mapped out for him as a radio show host. That was until an average  wedding ceremony a few years ago changed everything. It spurred Josh to become a marriage celebrant with the aim on raising the bar in the industry. This has since opened up a raft of opportunities including TV show appearances and national magazine coverage. He has since been able to join forces with his wife on a new venture called pop up weddings. Josh talks with us about the difficulties he had talking the leap and the reason why you should do it now! There is so much value in this for people looking to start or expand a business so DIG IN AND ENJOY!

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