Youngpreneurs Ep 4: Adrian Cahill Human Behavioral Specialist on Travel, Business and Coaching

Adrian Cahill

From Townsville Australia to Beijing China and 72 countries inbetween. With a dream to get $1million before the age of 21 Adrian dreamed big. While he was making this dream he was working at a fast food restaurant. Over the next few year Adrian created multiple streams of income that allowed him to travel the world. He shares the sacrifices he has made, what he has learnt along the way, how he different to your average coach and what to look for if you are looking for a coach or to become one. This is jammed back full of value.

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Ep:3 The behind the scenes look into a startup fashion label with Sam Moore founder of Dead Studios

Ever wondered what it takes to have your own fashion label? Meet Sam a top designer who is now going out on his own. He takes us past the designs to what it really takes to get a start-up fashion brand off the ground! In this show Sam takes us on a his journey from making prints from friends to scaling his business, overseas manufacturing, marketing on a budget and the benefits of online vs store driven business. There is a tonne of content for any business owner or aspiring entrepreneur.


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Ep 1: Mark Major on Breaking his Back to Creating an App


Mark Major is a Wellington based app devoloper turned entrepreneur. He has successfully launched an app with no marketing budget (but some priceless hacks) to become #1 in multiple countries and allow him to transition out of his day job to create his ideal life. This all sounds inspiring until you hear the story that lead to his journey. Trust me it will leave you speechless!

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