Ep 16: Peter Shallard The Shrink For Entrepreneurs



Meet Peter Shallard aka the Shrink for Entrepreneurs. Delve into how he went from a clinical psychologist to a targeted niche that now deals with some of the largest CEO’s of company’s worldwide. Peter talks about the troubles he has faced and overcome and the biggest pitfalls young entrepreneurs fall into and how he is creating a service for this with his latest venture. Grab a pen and paper as this is action packed. Don’t forget to check out Peter’s new venture to kick-start your business (links at the bottom of the show notes).


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Ep 15: Richard Phu on developing a business about loving relationships!


Richard Phu is an inspiring Young Entrepreneur who is helping young singles get out of the same old circles for of dating into a fast track to find their true love and having lasting relationships. He takes us on a journey from him starting up, growing his business, knowing his niche market, pivoting in his business and the transitioning from a full time job and moving full time into his business. This is perfect if you have a niche and want to take it to the next level.

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Ep 14: Meet James and Amy from Ambi an Exciting Startup that’s Creating Loyalty in a New Way


Meet James and Amy from AMBI an exciting new business that is creating loyalty for the nightlife industry. I wish this was around in my University years as I know I would have got some value out of it. I first came across AMBI at a pitch you business competition and when I heard them I knew I needed there idea.energy and creativity for the show. Join us as we delve into how university and entrepreneurship can complement each other, developing a startup, finding  strengths in your business partner and so much more!

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Episode 13: Kate Bull On Finding Your Own Journey, Changing Lives And Growing A Business


Meet Kate Bull an inspiring Youngpreneur who is creating waves in her own niche. Follow her journey for disillusioned university student to where she is now inspiring other people how to find there place in the world. Kate talks us through her own personal journey to get to where she is today, the surprise her family got when she told them her plans to become an entrepreneur and how she grew, what exciting plans she has for the future and an exciting opportunity for you to work with Kate.

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Ep 11: Andrew Ellis On How To Create a 6 Figure Webinar in Your Niche (and working 4 hours a week)


Meet Andrew Ellis Founder of World Health Webinars a leading game changer in making industry related education accessible to the masses. He talks about the effort he put into launching a niche webinar product, his SNAP point on what made him take action, Learn how Andrew shaped his business around a 4 hour work week and what he found once he reached that pinnacle. This is a episode jam packed full of great content so dig in!

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