Negotiate like a Boss! Ep 148 with Kwame Christian

EP148 Header

Wish you were better at negotiation?  I’m forcing you into answering yes!

If you answered YES then you need to meet Kwame Christian is a former business lawyer and the director of the American Negotiation Institute. In this role he provides custom, one-on-one negotiation/persuasion coaching and conducts live training sessions for various organizations.

This episode will give you an insight into the power of improving your negotiation skills to get the edge over your competition and all other aspects of life! DO IT NOW!

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What is Self-love? Ep 147 with Sarah Madras

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Sarah Madras is a 12-year therapist turned Relationship and Self Love Maven (I didn’t know what that was) for action takers who refuse to settle for surface level unfulfilling relationships. She teaches you how to cultivate deeply connected relationships through the foundation of self-love.

Find out how she began her entrepreneurial journey at the age of 24 and has successfully built a 6-figure counseling center while also strategically balancing the transitions to wife and later full-time stay at home mom to her 2 young children ages 2 and 5. This one goes deep with a ton of actionable stuff so check it out now!
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Retire ASAP Ep 146 with Benjamin Brandt

EP146 Header

Benjamin Brandt is Founder of Capital City Wealth Management, a fee-only financial planning company.

After his time in the armed services Benjamin has gone on to continue helping the community by teaching them how they can better plan and fast track their finances to allow them to retire (or live life on their terms) with more certainty.

If you are in a job or growing your business be sure to check this out so you are making your dollars work harder!

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Houses Sold Easy Ep145 with Mike Slane

EP145 Header

Mike graduated Cum Laude from Missouri State University with BS in Marketing and Econ (MBA) from Maryville University. He now happily applies virtually none of the formal education to daily business life. After reading ‘Rich Dad Poor Dad’ he decided that was the life he wanted.

Once Passive Income from Rental Real Estate paid the Bills Mike decided to quit working full time for someone else and start working for myself. Dove into a Real Estate Career I had no experience and has built a team of 15 in the past 2 years.

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From Boot Camps to Business Coach Ep 143 with Ellie Burscough

Ep143 Header

Ellie Burscough helps trainers and coaches to grow their business very quickly whilst overcoming beliefs that are holding them back from continuing to grow.

This has been from learning in the trenches herself and transitioning from a call center operator to running a 6 figure boot camp to now helping others do the same.  Make sure to check out this episode as Ellie dives into some amazing strategies that could well help you.

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