What I Learned from 2016 Ep 134 with Victor Ahipene


2016 has been a roller coaster year but I have learnt and grown so much from it. I am extremely grateful for what I have learnt and how I have grown. I pull back the curtain on what 2016 looked like… it’s pretty raw and honest but also why I am so excited about 2017 and blowing the roof off that!

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Show Notes Timestamps

[02:26]     The First Lesson: Opportunities.

[03:03]     How the year started.

[04:58]     The coping up stage of a growing businessman.

[05:50]     On choosing between two jobs.

[07:38]     Things getting more emerging.

[11:20]     Reopening the door to public speaking.

[14:23]     More opportunities and doing work with a team.

[20:20]     Hustling.

[22:04]     Bestself.co

[23:12]     Final notes.

I’ve had roadblocks, I get back up, keep doing things, take those learnings and implement them and it I feel a lot stronger.

Make Websites That Don’t Suck Ep 132 with James Rose from Aktura Tech


Originally a control systems engineer, James got excited making big machinery operate all by itself. On the side he learned to build and monetize websites.

After hearing endless stories about botched website jobs and AWOL website developers, James and his business partner decided to make the switch to web development and make the industry suck a bit less.

With a team of over 15 over 6 countries, they have built websites and custom software for mum and dad businesses through to ASX listed companies. They now manage multiple business websites, keeping them up to date with their on demand web guys.

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The SLOW Method Ep 130 with Anthony Kirby


Today I catch up with my good friend Anthony Kirby. We first chatted on the show in episode 62 around a year ago. Just after he had thrown in his $275k a year job with only an inkling of what he was going to do next. Join us to find out how the last year has gone for ‘Kirby’. He talks about pivoting in his focus and what he did once he found his niche to make it successful. This didn’t come easy but the results will shock you at what is possible in a year! Check out the SLOW method he created that is now helping companies all around the world. [Read more…]

Activerelay Powering Payment Ep 129 with Dan deWitte

EP129 Header

Dan is a business 2.0 coach, digital strategist and entrepreneur dedicated to sharing his knowledge with small businesses who want to leverage the online market. As a business coach, Dan specialises in tailored business strategies, business development and automation. Working closely with businesses to identify their needs, Dan thinks outside the conventional box to develop easy to implement, effective solutions. As the founder of the Outerspace Network, Dan has used his knowledge and experience in rapid growth and brand development to create an original mentoring and support platform.

Although bright eyed and bushy tailed Dan isn’t a stranger when it comes to starting and growing successful businesses. Starting his professional career as an internationally published photographer, Dan knows design and presentation. His creative flair and instinct for presentation gives him a competitive edge in brand development. Throwing in the creative towel.

Dan co-founded and developed a groundbreaking real estate tech product which anonymously contacts vendors with agents to rent or sell their property. The product was designed, tested, launched and acquired within 2 years.

From there Dan has owned a design and web development business. Now Outerspace, so he’s pretty much a jack of all trades, which his clients find very handy!

He’s crazy enough to be in the final stages of testing another tech product launching shortly. On the weekends you’ll find him down the coast kitesurfing/ scuba diving or riding his mountain bike where ever there are tracks to be found. If you want more info order a Shiraz or a cider at the bar and he’ll be sure to join you!

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