Resources for all Investing Strategies

Resources for all Investing Strategies

The one stop shop to get you started or take your business to the next level is here….

I have compiled some of the most useful sites to get yourself online, drive traffic and start making money from your business. This has been a lot of trial and error on my part so I thought I would share with you do save you TIME and MONEY and fast track your journey to SUCCESS!

Setting up and hosting a website:

Step One:


Visit GoDaddy and get a domain. Make sure you choose carefully and you might also want to purchase a few of the options so even if people put something similar they still end up in the right place! GoDaddy is the largest site online for domains they have a superior service and I use them for all of my sites!

Step Two:

bluehostAll of my websites are hosted on Bluehost. It is an incredibly easy to use 1-click automatic WordPress installation. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND using Bluehost for your first site. This is an AWESOME offer of just $3.95 (down from $5.95) get in now on this great deal!

Step Three:

Get OptinSkin by Clicking Here! If you are new to the world of websites, internet marketing or business then learn this rule ‘YOUR LIST IS KEY’. Now how do you start growing a list? Start with OptinSkin. This WordPress plugin will make your life so easy to create quality leads to build your community around. This is what all the best websites are using and its so easy for you to implement that you would be crazy not to! You aren’t crazy are you? On second thoughts don’t answer that and just check out OptinSkin.

Step Four:

You need a Sales Funnel. If you are like me then you hate playing around with website’s. You hate trying to sell and you probably go for the jugular too soon and lose the sale. I use Clickfunnels it is basically idiot proof with amazing training that takes you through the whole sales process.Get a 14 day free trial here: Clickfunnels  This will completely change your business. I also connect my payment processing to it, I use

clickfunnels image

Step Five:

At the same time as setting up your Clickfunnels account you should also be setting up an email manager to handle all your emails and marketing (also referred to as a CRM) I use Active Campaign its affordable with extremely good functionality.  You can also connect it to clickfunnels which allows for an email automation to be sent to your new clients.


Keep on Learning

Do you ever wonder how the top entrepreneurs in the world keep up to date on the latest happenings? I can tell you this is not wasting there time trawling their facebook feeds or on news websites. They are constantly doing one of the following three things:

  • Reading: I know what you are saying ‘I am too busy working my 9-5, starting my business and just living life to read. I was in the same boat until I found AUDIOBOOKS. They rock! If you travel in a car, bus,train, UBER what ever just incorporate your learning into your day. I managed to go from not reading a book to listening to 1-2 a week during usually wasted time! That’s why I have sorted a deal with sign up for the first month for FREE and receive your first book for FREE. If you don’t enjoy it cancel your subscription and you won’t be charged a cent.