Youngpreneurs: About The Inspiration and Vision

Youngpreneurs: About The Inspiration and Vision
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Youngpreneurs Leader Victor Ahipene

What Inspired The Youngpreneurs Movement?

I have learnt to hate excuses. Having grown up in the low socioeconomic area of state housing. My childhood was a rather tough one with financial struggles aplenty. After graduating from school I decided like many of you to go down the University route. I started studying physiotherapy, it was okay, but  not something that I enjoyed with a passion. I needed something better, something that will fuel me, leave the well-known feeling of being charged with inspiration and determination. Cue the Youngpreneurs Movement!

Completely out of the blue, I stumbled upon some tales of young entrepreneurship or ‘youngpreneurs’ as I like to call them. I had never been around entrepreneurs or had any business-related influences due to the area I lived in. It was a completely new world for me. Focusing on this concept of myself one day also becoming part of these  youngpreneurs, I sought out people, talked with soon-to-be mentors of mine and delved deeper and deeper into this industry.

But all of this was not enough – reading and hearing others’ tales is educational, but true education comes through your own experience. So The Youngpreneurs Podcast was born to advance and fast-track my knowledge and  journey and help break down the barrier for others in position.

The Youngpreneurs community is more than this however. It is a growing community of like-minded under 35 year old’s all looking to make something of their life’s. A group committed to helping others take actions, sharing their experiences and growing together to a better future.

To get the best out of the youngpreneurs podcast and blog, I created this site with the vision to fill it with the best resources to act as the catalyst for  inspiring all of you Youngpreneurs out there. There is however one thing you need to do to get the most out of the resources…. take MASSIVE ACTION! This is what separates those who succeed and those who never do anything and spend there lives a slave to a job, complaining daily about all of the reasons why they could never do it.

Listen to this everyone can do it, some it may take longer some faster but YOU CAN DO IT!

So get stuck in to the content, contribute but most of all take ACTION. I would love to help you the best that I and follow your journey to financial freedom. So drop me a message and let’s get cracking.

I look forward to inspiring you and hopefully having you as a guest on the Youngpreneurs Podcast some day soon!

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