Make Websites That Don’t Suck Ep 132 with James Rose from Aktura Tech

Make Websites That Don’t Suck Ep 132 with James Rose from Aktura Tech

Originally a control systems engineer, James got excited making big machinery operate all by itself. On the side he learned to build and monetize websites.

After hearing endless stories about botched website jobs and AWOL website developers, James and his business partner decided to make the switch to web development and make the industry suck a bit less.

With a team of over 15 over 6 countries, they have built websites and custom software for mum and dad businesses through to ASX listed companies. They now manage multiple business websites, keeping them up to date with their on demand web guys.

The Beginnings

  • James started out as another student who sought to graduate and get a job following the rules of the current system.
  • In 2009, after attending a conference on making money online, James started out on google adsense and article spinning.

Aktura Technology

  • Aktura Tech employs a team of specialists. These are dedicated developers who live and breathe WordPress. Because everything they do is based around this skillset, they are amazing at what they do.
  • Whether it is the latest security best practices, an awesome new plugin or a cool animation toolkit, Aktura Tech is always looking for new things to improve their clients’ websites.

The Next Few Years

  • James envisions to widen his team, better his services, and help other website developers running their own businesses be better at what they do.

Get In Touch

Show Note Timestamps

[01:54]     Victor welcomes and introduces James.

[02:53]     James starting out.

[05:25]     The turning point.

[07:52]     Their first product and how they got where they are now.

[10:22]     How James and his team stands out.

[15:39]     His business’ slogan.

[17:41]     The beginning of Akura Tech

[18:16]     Burnout of point.

[20:46]     What James do in the business.

[21:24]     Tips on finding a good developer.

[24:21]     Tips on what to have in their website.

[26:59]     What keeps James busy.

[30:03]     The next few years.

[30:57]     What James’ day look like.

[33:01]     Resources he’d recommend.

[34:38]     Getting in touch.

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